Friday, January 16, 2009

Krusty for US Attorney

I know you just spit up your hot chocolate when you read that, but I’m not joking. If I assert myself, go to law school, and pass the bar before the next Republican is sworn in as President, it could be a definite possibility, especially if I got onboard with the winning candidate early on. You know the game, its pay to play baby!

You have probably heard by now that Gordon Fischer is campaigning to be the next US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you will remember that we spent the early days debunking Gordon’s attempts to tie our honorable Republicans like Tom Latham and Steve King to any national scandal possible. You also might remember Gordon’s countless posts about alleged push polls too. But my favorite time was when he took his Alaskan vacation which provided the perfect opportunity to expose him as the political hack he really is.

Now my friend Gordon, who I do like by the way, wants to be US Attorney. Do we really want a political operative, a guy who has run the day to day operations of the Iowa Democrat Party, who obviously has a political bias, to serve in such a highly regarded capacity? I mean he spent considerable time tussling with an anonymous blogger. I would think a US Attorney candidate would be above such things, and I also think it is a bit tacky to actively campaign for the job anyway.

The other thing that concerns me is that we already have an Iowa Attorney General who only focuses on filing lawsuits against businesses. Would Gordon use his cool looking badge to come after a particular anonymous blogger who disagrees with him, and focus on driving business out of the state like his buddy Tom Miller has?

Ab better question to ponder might be, how would Gordon have dealt with the Marshalltown immigration raid or the CIETC scandal?

Look there is one thing I know, I would make a terrible US attorney because I’m a political hack. If Gordon has dreamed of being named US Attorney since birth, than he made some bad career choices in my opinion. Instead of running a political party and spewing political venom on his blog, he should have settled on being active in the Democrat Party in a different, less public way or ran for office.

Don’t make me go all Gopal on you Gordon…


  1. Fischer would be another political hack replacing the current political hack. Progress? I think not.

  2. Jeez, this is amateur hour. Who campaigns for Presidential appointments?

    Consider this idea DOA because Gordo couldn't help himself.

  3. Don't be too sure.. Obama and his merry gang have already demonstrated their ability for incompetance already..

    I mean cmon..if a Republican had named someone as Treasury Secretary that had 41,000 in back taxes....

    Or someone as CIA director who has ZERO experience in intel, the military or security matter...

    Or someone as Commerce Secretary who was under investigation for potential pay-to-play dealings..

    Or had a Governor back in their home state putting their former Senate seat up for bid...

    Or an Agriculture Secretary who's never spent a day of his life on a farm and didn't know the first thing about farming....

    They would have been laughed out of DC even before the Inauguration...

    Granted..who "campaigns" to be a US Attorney? But again..think about the people we're dealing with here..and that explains everything you need to know.

  4. Well actually, Tom Vilsack seemed to campaign for Sec. of Ag (or at least he had Tom Harkin do it for him) and it worked pretty well in that situation, so who can really blame Gordo for giving it the old college try.

    I think Omama's criteria for appointments is, "who can kiss my ass and beg for it the most," and I think Gordo could win that contest.

  5. Can't talk too bad about Tom Miller and his staff, they did, after all, get a lawsuit dismissed against my honey :)

  6. Nicky B,

    That's kind of like Peter Teahen saying that he liked (and donated to) Julie Thomas because she saved his kid (when any other doctor would have done the same), despite the fact that she was otherwise evil and wanted to kill babies.

    Nice logic.

  7. I personally like the ring of:

    "Krusty, Texas Ranger."

  8. Who campaigns for presidential appointments? Uh, let's see: vice presidents, cabinet secretaries, undersecretaries, federal judges, diplomats, west wing staff, east wing staff. Dems didn't invent this. It's the way it works. How do you think we got our current US Attorneys?

  9. sure they show interest but they don't ask activists to call their US senator.

  10. krusty help us out, how's the campaigning for ED of the republican party going, i known some of your old friends are back in town, surely you can let us know who is in the race

  11. Speaking of ED - We could use a few of those little blue pills, we're suffering from a severe case of ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION!

  12. There is no bigger hack that Whitaker

  13. Whitaker never gets involved in politics. Hell no one even sees him at any events. So he ran for office once as a Republican. That is nothing compared to Gordon. Gordon is a good guy but he is in the thick of it. I am sure he could actually qualify for another appointment? Right? Oh wait qualifications are not important to Obama.

  14. Of corse qualifications arent important to Obama. If he didnt pick unqualified peope with big Name ID to fill imporant positions he would just be "more of the same."

  15. You just might make it Krusty... But you will be VERY VERY old the next time we have a Republican sworn in as President :)

  16. Cedar,

    Don't forget... we elected a president with zero experience as well. Par for the course this is I'm afraid....

    And 10:14, It took a Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan... It will take 4 years of Obama to give us Mitt Romney....

  17. Yoda,

    I doubt Americans will warm to a Corporate CEO as president after Fanny and Freddie. Too bad for Romney.

  18. You stole my line Yoda!

  19. Obama will open the borders in his first 100 days as POTUS. Mexico is as close to anarchy as any country in the Americas right now, if you think disproportionate party registration is bad now, wait until 25 million new immigrants flood over our border (can't believe I said flood!) and swell the welfare roles.

    In 20 years, Spanish will be the primary language spoken in this country if we as a party don't make a decisive return to our core values and begin to win elections and govern.

    The 2012 ticket: Romney-Jindal

    Laugh all you want, but when the DJIA drops below 5000 and we have a 3 trillion annual deficit in 2011, even Dem's will beg for the chance to vote for this ticket.

    Obama and Oprah will be caught doing coke and sorry, I'm not talking about the soft drink either...sorry Pepsi, you're new logo seems strangely familiar?

    In the meanwhile, gather every palm branch you can find, the inaugural starts in 3 days!

  20. If yoda is a jinx for Romney like he was Pate...

  21. Mitt Romney? Im sorry I thought this was a conservative site? Mitt Romney would be the most liberal republican to run for President since Gerald Ford, dont believe me?

    Check out his 1994 senate debate with Ted Kennedy sometime

    You know what? I think I might have a link to it too...

    We will have a strong candidate in 2012, but I sure hope his name is not Romney

  22. Wow already? I wont even waste my time with you 10:38. Seriously, you are pathetic.

  23. 6:52, you are a coward. Nuff' said.

  24. Skyhawker,
    Pathetic? For calling a liberal a liberal?
    He is for abortion, said "He would do more to protect gay rights than Senator Ted Kennedy", is for Affirmative Action, strict gun laws, etc. etc.

    As I sited a video where he lays out his liberal views for all to see, but I suppose name calling is an appropriate response when you cannot defend yourself.

    But who knows? Maybe you can put another liberal against Obama and the democratic machine, that worked so great for you last time

  25. Typical. I love how a post about a Democrat turns into Republicans bashing Republicans. No wonder we're in the minority.

  26. Anon 4:38
    There are more anon "D" posters on this site than Repubs on many days.

    Like someone said the other day, they think its fun to watch the monkeys throw feces at each other. But alas, they hide in the shadows with no courage to take a stand, acting pious and pure in their daily walk.

    Check the finger'll find much poo!

  27. Of course Zoo Keeper,
    If we dont get behind Mitt Romney we are all Democrats, huh?
    Im not pure and I am not pious and yet I have been the only one to post facts in this little back and fourth.
    Mitt Romney, in his own words is for abortion, and that is not mud slinging that is directly from the horses mouth.

    No feces, just facts, than again, Im not sure you could tell the difference.

  28. Annoying Factcheck, table for one?January 19, 2009 at 1:31 PM


    Ronald Reagan and Bush 41 were "for abortion" in your mind too at one point but became solidly pro-life and were pro-life presidents.

    But then you already knew that and chose to ignore the facts because they tend to complicate your thought process huh?

  29. Zoo keeper is right: it IS fun to watch the monkeys throw feces at each other! Thanks, friends.

  30. Wonderful.
    I didnt vote for them. I wouldnt have voted for them.
    Life is the defining issue for my vote.
    Mitt Romney said "I took this position in 1970, when my mother ran for senate" and that was in 1994. 24 years, and now he is pro-life?

    hmmmm... And what exactly did Reagan and Bush one do to classify them as pro-life? Pass an executive order? Nope, Try to repreal Roe v. Wade? Nope. They didnt even nominate judges that took overturning this seriously.

    They payed lip service to the cause and did nothing about it. That may be enough for you, but not for me.

    And by the way, I have dealt with the Romney goons in 2007, I know how you operate. Attempting to shut everyone up who has an opinon or stance that is against your candidate, and despite all the negative ads, all the money, and all the lies that Romney tried, Huck still won, and he will in 2012, if he decides to run as well.

    If now, 3 + years from the next election, we cannot be critical of those who wish to get the most valuable thing we have, our votes, than when will Mitt Romney and his goons let us...

  31. I really thought I had a fair level of reasoning ability and at least average reading comprehensional abilities, even for reading bloggese, but geeze, that post (11:55) leaves me utterly confused.


  32. If now, 3 + years from the next election, we cannot be critical of those who wish to get the most valuable thing we have, our votes, than when will Mitt Romney and his goons let us...
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