Thursday, January 15, 2009

I’m Twitterpated

So yeah, you can now follow me on Twitter. I guess you can thank new RPI Chairman Matt Strawn for that. You see Strawn sent a “tweet” and I wanted to read it but ended up with my own Twitter page, then somehow people began following so I felt pressure to tweet them specially. So if you really want to follow the boring life of an anonymous blogger, you can do so here.


Since I have cold induced writers block, I’m going to do what Governor Culver did in his Condition of the State address and supplement my weak content with some videos.

Lack of SUVs in DC

Apparently the Governor of Missouri is driving to the DC for the Obama Inauguration because there is a lack of SUVs for use during that time period. I wonder if Iowa taxpayers are paying a trooper to drive Culver’s SUV to DC since it has a specially modified seat that allows the Governor to be more comfortable due to his bulkiness.

Congratulations, you get a week’s vacation! Unpaid… RAT FARTS!

Gannett Corp announced that it’s going to require “most” employees to take an unpaid week of vacation to help the company out. I guess I already thought that was happening, until recently David Yepsen would write one column a month. Speaking of the “Dean”, David will know whether or not he gets the gig as the director of The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University on February 12th. Good luck David, because it would be tough watching you get fired or having to do some actually reporting if you stay at the Register.

Bush says Goodbye tonight, I say Good riddance.

I’m just sick of hearing him talk about “Helicopter Drivers” and the other stupid things that come out of his mouth. I mean wasn’t this guy a pilot in the Air Nation Guard? I mean k’mon. I would be nicer about things like this if he didn’t oversee the massive growth of government on his watch, and his Chicken Little approach to the bailout.


  1. So now you can twitter your every move and observations all day long, just like the celeb big-time political bloggers.

    Well Krust, maybe we can get our own version of Troopergate news stories. Just hope the trooper and the gov don't do a John Corzine. The news people love those kinds of stories. Speaking of news stories, I have to disagree with your on-going dislike of Yepsen. I like the guy and consider he's just doing his job which is after all, political probing and commenting. I think he's pretty equal-opportunity probative.

    Bush?, yeah he turned out so differently than we expected. A shame too because he seemed so, well, "conservative". We got suckered by all that church-talk there nine years ago. The guy was a light-weight then same as now, but we couldn't see then that his lack of intellect was important.

    You mention he was a pilot in the ANG; yes a politically-appointed shelter in the ANG from the then ongoing war. That was another little matter we wanted to ignore because we thought the church-talk was the more important qualification for becoming the President.

  2. 9:53 If you mean Yepsen is doing his job by writing about the most politically obvious issues and solutions, then you are right. Yepsen hasn’t gone out on a limb in the last 10 years and has been “phoning it in.” Krusty has it right.

  3. Welcome to 2009. About time you got on twitter.

  4. Krusty:

    Are you going to be on Facebook too?