Thursday, September 4, 2008

America’s Iron Lady?

Let me first admit that I took a lot of notes, had a lot of things I wanted to highlight from the various speeches, wrote down some of the great lines, and was all ready to handicap 2010 (Rudy, Mitt, Huck, Newt and maybe Jindal) but I threw all of it away because none of that matters, we have more important things to talk about.

The maverick Senator from Arizona, who in the past has denigrated the conservative right by passing campaign finance reform, and looking the other way on illegal immigration, also may have paved the way for another conservative revolution in America by selecting Sarah Palin to be his Vice President.

My expectations for Palin’s speech were high, so high that I was a bit nervous as she walked out to the convention floor. After days of having her family life probed, and the media calling her selection a “gimmick pick” that wasn’t truly vetted by the McCain campaign, Palin took the stage and with grace, humor, and resolve and then delivered the best republican speech that I can remember.

She owned that stage last night and in doing so broke the glass ceiling in the conservative movement in America. Sure Phyllis Schlafly is an icon but she’s not the messenger that Palin can be. There is no question that both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee desperately want to be the face of the future of the conservative movement now must contend with Palin, who easily embodies what a conservative is.

Palin has probably had the most difficult first week on the campaign trail as anyone I can remember, not because of a gaff, but because of the instant attacks from the left and the media. Her speech last Friday was a home run, and she was out of this world last night. She will now have to make the rounds with the main street media, and I don’t think she will disappoint us.

What we saw last night was a woman who is very comfortable with who she is, and what she believes. As I watch her she reminds me of another Lady who also stuck firm to her beliefs and went on to become the first Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher played a little hockey in her young days too.

The attempts by the media that John McCain didn’t vet Palin were proven wrong last night. The notion that somehow Barack Obama is ready to be president but Palin isn’t ready to serve as Vice President doesn’t hold any water. Why? Because nobody goes into the oval office prepared for what may come their way. In 2000, nobody was talking about whether or not Bush or Gore was prepared to deal with the terrorist attacks against our county, but President Bush stepped up and rallied our Nation in its darkest hour.

When John McCain is elected President, and Sarah Palin Vice President, conservatives will have a new face for their movement, and American will finally have its own Iron Lady.


  1. I have never been prouder to be a Republican than last night. Sarah Palin just gave one of the best speeches I have ever witnessed. McCain/Palin unifies this Party like never before, moderate and conservative, joined to reform D.C.

    Wow, love that woman!

  2. Russ from WintersetSeptember 4, 2008 at 9:30 AM

    Palin gutted Obama & Biden like moose carcasses last night. Olberdouche on MSNBC was fuming about how she's just alienated an entire bloc of voters by insulting community activists in her speech. Call me crazy, but I don't think any "community activists" were gonna vote for McCain/Palin anyway, so it's not really doing any harm (in fact, it HELPED with the base). He also suggested that she be brought up on charges for disclosing the date that her son would be deploying to Iraq - because he's all about "supporting the troops" don't ya know.

  3. She was simply fantastic. What she represents is a death dagger to the Democrat's supposed stronghold on "feminism", "progress", and "enlightenment."

    With one bold move, McCain proved that he is willing to throw the long ball. And he scored beyond his own wildest imaginations.

    She made a mockery of Obama last night. And if I was Joe Biden, I'd be crapping my pants that I have to debate her. I'd rather do a cage match with a Rotweiler. She will systematically dismember that blowhard.

    Game on!

  4. She totally rocked it--she is incredible.

    I'm so proud that she's the face of women in the Republican party.

  5. The latest I'm hearing on the radio talk shows is that Sarah wrote about 80% of the speech herself. The teleprompter wasn't pacing properly for some of the applause lines and she had to give portions of the speech from memory. Much like Ronald Reagan's ability to communicate through radio and television, her experience in TV sports broadcasting came through with flying colors!

  6. New Motto: Our Mamma beats your Obama!

  7. very very encouraged

    very very long way to go.

    I'm more excited about our chances than I have been in a long time.

    I don't think Rudy will run again - he may run for GOV of NY.

    I would like to see him as TSA or STATE let him rip the departments apart and rebuild them. too much fraud, waste and crap there.

  8. when was the last time you considered Andrew Sullivan a blogger "from the right"?

    I've heard that 2,3 place over the last few days...

  9. The Obama people pushed the whole "community organizer" thing hard during their convention to try to make Obama out to be "one of us".. Now..they're complaining about how the GOP hasn't mentioned anything about Obama being a constitutional law professor or state legislator. etc..

    As for Olbermann..this blowhard idiot was reading a teleprompter on ESPN..and now he thinks he's the nation's concience? Please!

    News Flash to Olberman..they announce deployment dates all the time..they even do *gasp* a sendoff ceremony for them!

  10. WOW! WOW! WOW! What an amazing speech! What an amazing woman!! Never underestimate the abilities of a working mom!!!!

    37.2 million viewers for Palin's speech--nearly the same number that saw Obama's last week. So much for the showy Denver location with the fake columns!!

    Let's capitalize on this momentum! Palin proved that she IS the real deal. Forget the Dems' whining about lack of experience--Palin is the ONLY nominee with executive branch experience. She is ready to lead, and ready to hit the ground running! Now let's get her to DC!

    Plus, her dynamic personality and presence will be a boon to another energetic, resourceful "underdog"--Mariannette Miller-Meeks. The similarities between Palin and Miller-Meeks are astounding! Imagine how well they'll take Washington, together, by storm!! Mariannette may have to stand on a chair at times to be seen, but you'll never have to strain to HEAR her voice--and she is proving she's also not afraid of anyone or anything. This is exactly what Iowa needs in Congress! Let's mobilize to get her there, too!!

  11. One of the comments making the rounds on the morning radio shows was "Would Obama be capable of running the country if Joe Biden were to suddenly die?"

  12. Krusty: maybe another appropriate comparison is between this speech and the Reagan speech at the '64 convention.

    I think there has been no more important national introduction since then on the Republican side. You might argue that Obama did the same in 2004, however.

    But this is big, big, big.

  13. I had serious doubts that Palin could pull it off, but wow, she nailed it. Dave and Timmy have a pretty good post about it on In Flyover Country.