Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav – Babygate – Liberals Attack

It was a little difficult to enjoy the holiday weekend with a major hurricane slamming the gulf coast once again. I don’t know about you, but from Saturday morning on I was having a bad case a déjà vu, fortunately Hurricane Gustav weakened, but it still did plenty of damage to the gulf coast.

With Gustav dominating the headlines, John McCain and the Republicans wisely downgraded what was to be the start of their convention. Unfortunately the liberals didn’t see the need to put politics aside due to a devastating storm, instead they created a storm of their own by attacking the family of Sarah Palin.

By Saturday afternoon internet rumors that Governor Palin was not the mother of Trig, her 5 month old son with Down syndrome, were running rampant. They questioned how and why Governor Palin kept her pregnancy a secret from the people of Alaska. They were befuddled on how at 5 months pregnant she could look so good. In their minds it was clear; Palin must have pulled a fast one and was protecting her 17 year old daughter who was the real mother of Trig Palin.

We all know how bogus this is, but with their constant badgering of the Palin family the McCain campaign did admit that 17 year old Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant, and is going to have the child and marry it’s father.

It was obvious to me that the Liberals want to tear down Palin, and they don’t give a rip if they destroy her children’s life in the process. Think about it, I’ve seem YouTube videos that focus on the Bristol’s midsection, and the father of her child has his photo on the Drudge Report.

Now I’m sure that some Lib Blogger or Blog Browser is going to stop in here and tell me that the Obama campaign has nothing to do with any of this. Trust me, as a blogger I know exactly how this stuff works. Campaigns float stories to bloggers all the time, especially ones that they can’t get traditional medial outlets to cover. They hope that the buzz on around the blogosphere will influence the traditional media to take a look at the story, and that’s exactly what it going on here.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this story didn’t find its way on the blogosphere from some Alaska blog, no it came from Daily Kos, and it shouldn’t surprise you that their story can’t be found anymore.

This is dirty politics, and probably the worse I’ve ever seen.

As for the political ramifications of this, I think the Dems better walk carefully. They came out guns blazing on Palin last Friday, a sign that they are very nervous about her joining the ticket. While I’m sure the Left thinks they have damaged Palin with their personal attacks on her and her family, I think that they have just made her more human.

The brilliance of McCain’s pick is that so many women can see a bit of themselves in Palin, flaws and all. That wasn’t the case with Hillary Clinton. I can’t tell you how many people I talked too this weekend that were generally excited about the McCain/Palin ticket.

We have already seen the blogosphere and message boards change their talking points when Obama said that the families of the candidates are out of bounds. Now the left is questioning how Palin can serve as VP with 5 children, and they question her priorities as her daughter got pregnant while she was busy serving as Governor.

I find it strange to hear this from the party who reintroduced the theme of equal pay for and equal day at their convention. I guess they just can’t stomach a woman who wants to succeed professionally and have a family.

I have no doubts in Governor Palin’s abilities; I just wish the Liberals could focus on the issues, not her family.


  1. Russ from WintersetSeptember 2, 2008 at 9:17 AM

    Effing scum. Lowlife single-celled crapeaters who feed off the misery of innocent people. That's just a fraction of the words that come to my mind when I see the Left-wing attacks on Sarah Palin. And "The Messiah" is just permitting this to happen by his passive-agressive stance on the issue. If he was serious about cleaning up the discourse, he'd start cutting off access to these slime merchants and calling them out as subhuman scumbags BY NAME. After all, it's not as if he's proven himself unwilling to throw people under the bus.

  2. Bloggers that make up lies yet continue to broadcast them are scum. Obama is a Muslim

  3. perhaps if McCain had vetted Palin appropriately, Palin's rollout could have been managed better. it's quite unbelievable -- though nice effort trying to unload all the bad news about her in the midst of Gustav-Labor Day holiday etc.

  4. As I was driving to work today in the metro, I actually heard them talking about the rumor on 102.5 except they laid out the whole story, how the 5 mo. old was the daughter's baby then they said "oh well it might be a rumor".

    I was so disgusted that a pop station in Des Moines Iowa would actually SAY something that was a blatent lie, started on the most liberal blog in the history of our country and actually speak it out loud.

    are you kidding me?!

  5. she wasn't vetted properly? You mean, they didn't leak it to the press and didn't give the dems a chance to check her out for themselves. They sent someone to alaska to check her out months ago, but when it was noted that he was there, it was dismissed as a family vacation. Do you really think that McCain would not have had her checked out completely? No, that dem talking point is very thin on substance; just whining because McCain did such a good job at keeping a secret from the dems and the press. He kept the secret that he was looking at her, and that he had chosen her. You are just mad because all you can find on her is smears and exaggerations.

  6. Palin was vetted properly..

    I mean cmon..she went through an FBI check, review of all financial records, a 70 question, 3 page questionaire with some of the most pointed personal questions a person could be asked, personal meetings with McCain staffer and media people..

    She was completely up front about Bristol's pregnancy..and McCain knew full well about it.

    This story should be a non-issue..Families should be off limits here, period.

  7. anon @ 10:06, why do you think her rollout was mismanaged? The campaign acted to step on factless speculation from leftist morons (is that redundant?)like Andrew "milky loads" Sullivan and other Truther wannabes that her son Trig was actually her grandson. It's not as if all these stories were pre-planned by the McCain campaign. This issue is tailor made for drawing even more so-cons towards McCain, but the leftists just don't understand why. They think the so-cons in America are all a bunch of Church Lady prigs who are just foaming at the mouth to condemn a 17-year old girl who screwed up and got pregnant. They don't understand concepts like "forgiveness" and "demonstrating your pro-life beliefs".

    The backlash on this gaffe is gonna make the whole Bush Texas National Guard story that CBS made up in 2004 look like a trumped up charge of failure to pay parking tickets by comparison. Not only are the Obama operatives pissing off social cons, they're also pissing off independent & Democratic women who don't see a problem with a family handling a tough issue with love & understanding.

    Keep it up Obama disciples, and we'll have an election that will make Mondale in 84 & McGovern in 72 look like the neck & neck race we had in 2000 by comparison.

  8. "Smears and exagerations?" You mean like Obama is a Muslim?

  9. Russ from WintersetSeptember 2, 2008 at 1:30 PM

    Yeah, but more along the lines of "McCain collaborated with the Russians & North Vietnamese while he was a POW", anonymous...if that IS your real name.

  10. Russ from WintersetSeptember 2, 2008 at 1:35 PM

    What you're failing to remember, anonymous (if I may be so presumptious to call you that), is that by the standards of Muslims, Obama IS a Muslim. His Muslim stepfather listed his faith as "Islam" when he enrolled him in Catholic school in Indonesia. I assume that he was raised as a non0denominational Christian and his stepfather just said that to prevent him from getting hassled by all the Muslims at school....but it doesn't matter. To Muslims, whenever you are declared to be a Muslim, you CANNOT change to any other faith without being subject to execution by the authorities. You don't hear a whole lot about Muslim converts to Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism who are still living in their home countries, mainly because by declaring their change of faith, they'd be targets for Muslim hate.

    If you're a Muslim, Obama is a fellow Muslim, no matter what he says or does to dispute that opinion. In that perspective of things, Obama IS a Muslim, and there's nothing anyone can do to change any minds among the rest of the world.

  11. I was watching a BBC broadcast from inside a mosque where it was declared that a Muslim born, saying they were no longer a Muslim, was a death sentence under Sharia Law...

    now Barry will say that's an extremist view but it's also widely accepted in all of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    He best be careful where he travels. (and I do think someone should say that out loud before the election)

    maybe the NYT can work on that rather the three page 1 hit jobs on Palin's daughter today.

  12. it's my understanding that Palin was in McCain's top 2-3 since February.

    She's been vetted.

  13. Good luck getting abstinence education through now. If Palin can't even get it done in her own home, good luck having public school teachers be any more effective. That ship has sailed. Abstinence-only has forever perished.

  14. Wishful Thinking...September 2, 2008 at 4:41 PM

    That's going a bit far..Lets look at this for the forest for the trees.

    Liberals dont even want the word "abstinence" mentioned in our schools.

    Conservatives dont want sex ed taught to our kids..

    I think you have the perfect situation now that calls for both being taught.

    We don't live in the 1950's anymore...our kids see Jamie Lynn Spears go from being on Nickelodeon to being on the National Enquirer..

    Short of locking our kids down in their rooms when they get home from school every day until their 18...you're not going to completely stop things like this from happening...

  15. Obama, who is running for prez needs the anal exam. He's very cozy with terrorist, William Ayers and crook Tony Rezko.

    His wacko, racist, America-hating pastor, "Pastor" Wright is a radical and don't overlook Farakkahn.

    Biden has a kid and brother involved in two lawsuits alleging defrauding, a former business partner and an investor of millions of dollars in a suspect hedge fund deal that went sour.

    These are the ones needing vetting. Where is the MSM?

  16. Dont forget Biden's own troubles with plagarism during his first bid for president...

  17. Russ from WintersetSeptember 3, 2008 at 9:29 AM

    If all the talk about his son & brother getting caught up in a fraud trial, and the allegations that Slow Joe took money from MBNA to help them push beneficial legislation has any facts behind it, I'd say that those old plagarism charges are the LEAST of Joe's worries right now.