Friday, September 5, 2008

Put your Country First, vote McCain

When you take a step back, and think about where the Republican Party and the McCain campaign was a few weeks ago, and then fast forward to today and see where the Party and the McCain campaign is, the transformation is amazing. While the McCain campaign was taking the fight to Obama with a series of TV ads, there was always doubt that McCain would be able defeat Obama.

That doubt has replaced not by hope, but by determination in a hurricane shortened convention.

We have seen how hard it is for Iowa Republicans to unite our activists across our state, but this convention united us a party all across the nation. The unifying force is a heroic American named John McCain, and his runningmate and fellow maverick Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

For the past 3 days we have gotten to discover who Governor Palin is, but we also learned more about Senator McCain. After listening to Fred Thompson recount McCain’s story, I didn’t think anyone could have done it better, until John McCain stepped on stage and recounted his journey, and his undeniable love of this country.

As you all know I’ve had my doubts about McCain, but I truly believe that at this critical time in our Nation’s history, that John McCain and Sarah Palin are the leaders we need to change the culture and partisanship that prevents our country from moving forward.

We have 60 days until the election, let’s do all we can to elect John McCain the next President of the United States.

Krusty Kudos to the convention organizers, job well done. As I said before, Republicans know how to have an effective convention.


  1. You are on the money Krusty.

    This has probably been said by someone already... but think about this:

    In true GOP style... we got more done with less.

    The Dems had 4 days and a stadium... we created more buzz and fired up the party with 3 days...

    McCain Palin '08!!!!!!!

  2. Love your blog, Krusty, but I gotta wonder if you ever heard McCain during one of his trips to Iowa or were your too busy tripping over Mitt? His addresses, particularly in small crowds (heh, usually at an American Legion post, his version of Huckabee's Pizza Ranch) were carbon copies of his speech last night, and that's why I supported him on Caucus night. He is a great American who admits that he is not perfect but promises he will never, ever do a thing to hurt this country or to dishonor the patriots that have kept it free. What more could you ask for? I know there are people who don't think he's conservative enough, but he and Palin remind me of the Republican party that first seduced me from the left. I agree with your assessment. We're playing nine innings of baseball here and the Obama team thought that some sort of ten run rule would kick in and allow them to claim the trophy early. Ha. No one expected Sarah Palin to come off the bench and hit the long ball or for John McCain to return to his Hall-of-Fame style of play. The most beautiful part of it is that it's fun to see the Democrats who thought they had it in the bag get so upset that they don't have it sewn up.

  3. The Democrats have gone into full out freak the hell out mode.

    They've already riped on Palin for daring to be *gasp* a conservative woman! (Remember, in the Democrats world, if you're not a liberal, pro-abortion woman you're an uneducated, backwoods hick)

    Now watch them rip on McCain for talking about his POW status and how it shaped him as a leader...guarantee its going to happen..

  4. Stick a fork in it... The GOP is done!September 5, 2008 at 4:02 PM

    Freak Out?

    We have passed the 50% for the first time ever during the GOP convention.

    In the State by state polls we are over 300 for the first time in months.

    Since Palin was chosen the GOP has lost slim margins in Ohio, North Dakota and closed the gap in Florida to 1, in Indiana to 2 and in North Carolina to 3 points!

    A total of 53 delegates are riding on those 6 combined points!

    I DO NOT see any possible road to the election for a McCain/Palin Ticket, If they are lucky enough to hold on to ALL the states they currently lead in they will have turn over 45 electoral votes!

    When you are outnumbered 5 to 1 on the ground...

    Looks like Palin was a desperation choice... Feel free to get off your asses and prove me wrong :)

  5. As I watched the convention the faces of the women reminded me of the facial expressions of the women from the cult in Texas. It also reminded me of a southern revival meeting with the arm swaying to America. Also they zoomed in on the confederate hat worn by a man. Again it is the north/south or red/blue war. Didn't the south loose once before.
    Haven't we had enough southern presidents!

  6. Stick a Fork..

    Arrogance KILLS in elections.

    Whatever "bounce" Obama had after the DNC in the polls has evaporated.

    Its extraordinarily unwise to count your chickens before they hatch..or do you not remember 2000 and 2004? Democrats thought that victory was all but assured...that there was NO WAY that the Republican Party was going to win.

    So please, go ahead and keep telling yourself that this is "in the bag" and that there is "no road to Victory for McCain/Palin.

  7. Fork, if I heard correctly, that poll sending Obama over 50% only had 26% Republican voters in it's sample.

    To paraphrase Dean Wormer: "Son, Fat, Drunk and Democrat is no way to go through life."

  8. Stick a fork in it!September 6, 2008 at 2:38 PM

    Stick a Fork in it.

    Once again Republicans dismiss facts because

    "day jus too complcatted fa us"

    You state the lead has evaporated since the DNC?

    You are half right, after the DNC there was no bounce, it was not untill McCain picked Palin that Obama hit an ALL TIME HIGH in the Gallup tracking poll.

    Fact 2 on this date in 2004 the map looked like this

    Bush was walloping Kerry 275-247.

    So your whole "Democrats thought that victory was all but assured"
    Is baseless, factless, bullcrap.

    On this day? the map looks like this

    Obama kicking McCains ass 301-224.

    I know this is a Republican site and facts take the back seat to rhetoric and hate speech.

    As for Russ, site your source, when you spew your made up numbers :)

    Fact 3: OBAMA LEADS BY 15% in Iowa!!!!

    You have no chance.

    And next time, I'd really love to hear from a Republican with half a brain.

  9. Stick A Fork..

    I know its hard for Democrats to deal in reality at times..but lets try shall we?

    Your reliance on your one website for your "proof" shows extraordinary arrogance on your part.

    I can site you 4 different polls that show this race to be within the margin of error...Rasmussen, Gallup, CBS, YouGov, Real Clear Politics..all have this race in a virtual dead heat...

    If you want to declare victory now..Go right ahead..start your little dance.

    Democrats have done it before.. 2000 and 2004..we kept on getting told that there was NO WAY we could win..that the Democrats just were too strong and there was nothing we could do but to "live with it"....and when you GOT BEAT..we had to hear about how it was "stolen" from you.

    So please..keep on throwing insults and vitrole our way.. Guess what you're only drive us to work longer..doing whatever will be needed to win come November.

  10. "The surge has worked beyond our wildest dreams." -Barack Obama

  11. Cedar...

    My one website averages all of your polls you have just mention and actually states them on a state by state basis if you would look at the site.

    Once again, this is not like 2004, as I have shown before.

    Of course I am trying to fire you up. I want you to work your little hearts out, do your very best, so that when it is all set and done and we have torn you and all your exteremists friends a new one, you will have no excuses.

    But by all means ignore the facts and continue to spew unfounded, uncited and completely untrue rhetoric.

    True be told. We outnumber you 15-1 in paid staffers in Iowa. We have more democrats running for office than Republicans. Harkin and Culver are throwing there war chests in to this cycle and Obama leads in Iowa by 15%, not really a dead heat.

    Iowa is Blue. America will be too, Prove me wrong

  12. Stick A Fork..

    New Polls McCain 10 point bounce. Ouch!!!

  13. Anon 10:25

    Paid staffers of 15:1 means only one thing, Republicans know how to spend WISELY!

    Go ahead and spend all your money on some college kid that only cares about throwing the newspaper and palm cards on the porch to say they got it done.

    BTW, keep that crap off my porch! They can't even get it in the door!

  14. Paid staffers is why Iowa has a 15 point Blue margin :)

    How is that whole spending money wisely thing going in Florida by the way : )