Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain wins the 1st Debate

I apologize for not doing a write up of the Presidential Debate between John McCain and Senator Barack Obama on Friday night. The debate I watched had a very confident John McCain who consistently pounded his inexperienced opponent, Barack Obama.

Now as we all know, many in the media saw it differently than I did. In my opinion I saw Obama have some good parts of the debate in the early going. He has hijacked the Republican’s populist argument of middle class tax cuts, while McCain focuses on spending and earmark reform. The problem for Obama is that when pressed to tell us he might have to rethink some of his programs in light of the federal government’s bailout of Wall Street, he simply said there are some things that are really important that we must do. Those things included everything he’s been running on, socialized health care and college tuition.

John McCain didn’t pander to the American people on Friday night, which is probably why some in the media thought Obama won. Now John McCain could have been more forceful on his position about the economic crisis, but he destroyed Obama on the foreign policy section of the debate.

To my surprise David Yepsen watched the same debate I did. His write up is a must read if you ask me.

More on the bailout when it happens.


  1. Is there ANY credible poll that shows McCain won the debate? Denial isn't just a river in Africa.

  2. Credible poll. That's funny!

    Can we get an honest politician to back up that credible poll? How 'bout a good devil? Bad Jesus?

  3. Take a good class in statistics and sampling technique - you're making an ass of yourself.

  4. Fox polling said Obama won, the current turn in the polls would also suggest that Obama won.

    The RCP averages have him winning in North Carolina, tied in Florida and now trailing by only one point in Ohio as early voting opens.

    As it stands now in the EC Obama leads 286 to McCains 225 with 27 (Florida) tied.

    Compared to 2004 when Bush lead 280-254 4 (NH) tied.

    Im not saying that it is over, I am saying that these last 4 weeks of the race are very crucial and McCain does need to hit one of these debates out of the park.