Monday, September 8, 2008

Leadership or Partisanship? You decide at the ballot box.

If you asked me what is the biggest problem facing our country today, I wouldn’t say energy prices, health care costs, or homeland security. While all of those are on all of our minds, and extremely important, I believe our biggest problem might just be partisanship.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that partisanship is far more important to some of our elected leaders in this state than providing the people with leadership in a great time of need. One needs to only look at the recent news regarding flood recovery to see a good example of what I’m talking about.

From Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal:

“It is our duty to quickly find the resources necessary to rebuild Iowa safer, stronger and more sustainable than ever. It’s also the duty of the Bush Administration to quit holding on to critical funding for disaster recovery that was approved more than two months ago by the U.S. Congress. Any further delay in releasing this funding is a disservice to homeowners and small business owners hit by flooding and tornadoes.”

While Gronstal is blaming Bush, FEMA is saying that Cedar Rapids is moving too slow.

So Gronstal pulls out his handy Blame Bush card, instead of questioning why Speaker Nancy Pelosi thought it was a good idea to go on a five week vacation before passing a flood relief package. Gronstal might also want to ask Congressman Dave Loebsack and Congressman Leonard Boswell, why they didn’t raise holy hell when their party thought getting Nancy Pelosi out on her book tour was a bigger priority than getting the people of Iowa the resources they need. Or maybe Gronstal should send a little no-doze to Cedar Rapids Mayor Kay Halloran.

Where was the outrage when Congress went on recess? Is anyone calling for Jim Prosser’s head as he’s been taking his time getting estimates to the federal government?

The real question is where are our leaders? This is when people like Congressman Loebsack should be leaning on Prosser, and making sure Halloran is doing what she needs to be doing, like staying awake. Loebsack and the rest of the Iowa delegation should have been leaning on Pelosi, to get a flood relief package passed BEFORE they went on recess.

This is the stuff that really matters to people. This is the time when we need leadership, but sadly it looks like we are just getting more partisanship. I have no clue what good Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to do by visiting Cedar Rapids and Des Moines today. She just got around to sending Bush a letter the other day in regards to flood relief. Is there something she needs to see, or is she simply here to try and cover the fact that Congressman Loebsack is doing a terrible job?

Leadership matters.

And while you may be a Democrat, Republican, or independent voter, when you go to the ballot box you need to ask yourself one question; if the $hit hits the fan, who do I trust to do the job. Electing competent people to represent us is the best way to ensure that the people of our state get the relief that they need.


  1. Sarah Henderson for Mayor!!!

    Make it happen Yoda.

  2. I can see the yard signs now... Use the Force...Vote Henderson!

  3. In fact, as a freshman Congressman, Loebsack voted twice against recess and bucked the leadership and Speaker Pelosi in doing so. He is the one who arranged for her to come visit the damaged area and is going to get more funding for Cedar Rapids. Loebsack is showing strong leadership but he can't assess every municipality's damage, local leaders must step up and provide that assessment.

  4. so Loebsack is blaming the locals now? He's AWOL (Absent without Leadership)

  5. Anon Loebsack Staffer: Put down the crack pipe! He voted against recess. Wow. Tough stuff. He has spent the last two years voting with her on every single issue and never opening his mouth to challenge her. What did that get us? A 'driving tour' of the district 3 MONTHS after the damage. Wow. Amazing leadership.

    They can play Blame Bush all they want. No one is buying their bs. See ya Dave.

  6. LOL, not running. Been there, done that.

    Although... Republican women named Sarah who are married to guys named Todd and are gun toting, fiscally conservative, pro-life, fmr. city council member, fmr. beauty queen hockey moms are pretty popular these days. :)

  7. It's fun to watch the liberals start to panic!

  8. Anon Loebsack staffer 11:38..

    The ONLY thing Loebsack did to "protest" Pelosi's urge to adjourn was to issue a weakly worded press release a day and a half before Congress recessed. Whoopedy Doo!

    We've heard all sorts of BS excuses out of him why Iowa got left behind.. He told the CR Gazette that "California wildfires" pushed Iowa down the priority list..even though those fires happened a MONTH after the floods!

    And you want to give him credit that he "arranged Pelosi's visit"..gee thats nice of him..3 months AFTER the floods hit!

    Bush, McCain and Miller-Meeks were all on the ground within a week of highpoint of the floods...all of them called for immediate Congressional action to provide needed assistance.

    What did Loebsack do during the recess? He told flood victims--"I tried" and "If you want to yell at me..yell at me"

    He also decided it be alright to go to the Bluesmore concert in Cedar Rapids and "chill out" as the Des Moines Register caught him doing..

    Yeah..that's a fine example of the employee of the people doin his job...Whatever Dave!

  9. I'm worried about Halloran's replacement that is likely to be one of the even more liberal and ineffective members of the council. Honestly, that Fagan guy takes 20 minutes to say absolutely nothing.

  10. Well..don't be shocked if come next CR mayor's election that change will be a comin...

    There are enough seriously PO'd people in Cedar Rapids who are sick and tired of hearing that help is "on the way"..and they've been waiting 3 months for it..

  11. Yoda loves guns? Really? Fire how does he three fingers only.

  12. Hmmm... My idea of gun control, use both hands I do....


  13. I can beleive you folk in CR voted for this MayorSeptember 9, 2008 at 9:29 AM


  14. When the shit hits the fan I dont want another Bush in the White House.
    I believe I will vote for Obama, Harkin and Miller-Meeks. I just dont trust McCain.
    Just a personal choice

  15. Which is worse in a Cedar Rapids Mayor?

    Kay Chapman O'Halleron asleep, or Lee Clancy awake?