Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Gambler

The presidential caucuses, primaries, and general election have taught us many things, but most importantly, it has taught us not to sit down at the poker table with John S. McCain. In June, McCain saw his chip lead dwindle to the extent that the other players at the table ignored him, heck some even let him double up a few times.

Through a series of gambles and gut checks McCain found his way. His intuition is uncanny, and his refusal to accept defeat is legendary. McCain’s move yesterday to suspend his campaign is a huge gamble; it’s yet another “Degree all in Moment” for McCain's campaign.

I’ll be really honest with you; I’m worried about the decision. Moves like these are usually made when your back is against the wall, and asking that Friday’s debate be postponed will be seen as a sign of weakness by some. On the other hand, if McCain is able to broker a compromise he stands to make gain a lot. I just don’t think that Senate Dems are going to be willing to sign on to anything McCain proposes.

In regards to the debate I think McCain needs to attend. If he is able to be in DC pounding out a bail out compromise, and then fly to Mississippi and pound Obama in the debate on foreign policy, McCain will come out looking good.

I’ve learned not to doubt John McCain, I’m just nervous that his luck may run out before November.

What say you? Do you think McCain made the right move to suspend his campaign to focus on the bailout compromise?


  1. It was the wrong thing to do politically, even though it was the right thing to do morally.

    I think this will come back to bite him.

  2. All day I have been trying to decide which way I feel. I do not like the idea of a government bailout of a private industry, but I also know how the downfall of these companies will have an impact beyond what most people think. That's where I keep coming back to so I am going to trust that McCain made the right decision to put his duty as a Senator ahead of his quest to be President. I just hope I'm right.

  3. Nope. We live in a free-enterprise system. There should be no bailout. None. Get down to Mississippi and debate. All this stunt does is tie McCain to the inept Bush administration and its financial socialism for conglomerate banks.

  4. actually the stunt ties Obama to Bush, which is what we will discus tomorrow.

  5. Supertramp..

    I hear what you're saying..but think this through a little.

    McCain stepping up to the plate--and setting the example of leadership--is what people are DEMANDING our leader start doing.

    Congress has a 17% approval rating as of today..people are sick and tired of hearing the same ol crap..

    They want leaders stepping up..doing what's RIGHT..regardless of the party affliation..

    Am I saying the bailout is right? No..but simply rushing to get a deal done isn't right either..

    It took YEARS to get us to this point..we can take a few days to sit and think this through without hearing the doom and gloom cries from Paulsen and Wall Street.

  6. Supertramp,

    If we live in a free enterprise system, why then are you such a union lover?