Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Defend Freedom: Defeat Obama

The NRA has come out swinging against Barack Obama in their latest television ads. The NRA has released two ads, the first showcases an Iraq Veteran, and the second a tradition young family man. The ads are powerful, and have created chaos for the Obama campaign.

This morning on FoxNews, an Obama spokesman said the ads were full of lies and mistruths. The FoxNews host Megyn Kelly then asked if Obama supported gun bans, Obama’s spokesperson said “no”. However earlier this year the Obama campaign said that the DC Gun ban was constitutional.

So why is the Obama Campaign worked up about the NRA’s ads? Because Obama has had a difficult time in getting rural Americans to support his campaign, and ads like this make that even more difficult. Look for these ads to have a major impact in Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and here in Iowa. While they might not be run on the air waves here in Iowa, expect for the NRA to convey the message to their members.


  1. If you own a gun or support the Second Amendment and vote for Obama you should have it taken away. Do something so stupid, so irrational, it is proof positive that you're certifiably nuts and you probably require a keeper to follow you around so you don't harm yourself or those around you.