Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cut and Run

America’s Financial Crisis – Pelosi and Democrats want to cut and run.

When the war in Iraq got tough and American casualties escalated – Democrats wanted to cut and run.

When the floods hit Iowa, and our people were hurting – Democrats went on a five week vacation.

America now faces the most serious financial crisis since the 1930’s – Democrats are clueless and are saying that they may adjourn instead of being part of the solution.

And where is that flood relief package Nancy Pelosi promised when she was in town?

I’m sick and tired of people like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dave Loebsack, and Chet Culver blaming the Bush Administration for every problem we face, and when it comes time to solve the problems our country faces, they cut and run. But don’t fool yourself; they will campaign on these issues even though they refuse to do anything about them.

Sarah-palooza hits Iowa

John McCain and Sarah Palin are making an airport rally stop in Cedar Rapids today. Excitement of their trip to the Hawkeye State is reminiscent of that of when Bush visited the state in 2000 and 2004. I never thought we would see this level of excitement from Iowa Republicans this cycle.

While the Democrats have better ground game in the state, don’t underestimate a Republican base that is motivated. McCain’s maverick ways give Republicans a great opportunity to pick up the support of independent and no-party voters. Iowa will be decided not by Republicans or Democrats, but by who can motivate and turn out those independents. McCain is the best positioned to do that.


  1. Rally was awesome! McCain-Palin is what this country needs! NOBAMA!!!

  2. yeah it was...

    but why did I have to come to blows with some airheads shouting something I couldn't even understand to get them to leave...

    the attendees had to escort the jerks out - no one came to help that I saw.

  3. The CRPD did great in hauling out the unwashed few who demonstrated their stupidity in grand fashion.

    I always find it fascinating that liberals are always the ones who try to shout down, block, obstruct and otherwise disrupt others.

    Yet..they're always the ones who say they "defend" the 1st Amendment

  4. Escorted out? Who are you talking about? Kathy P.?

    Wasn't she the Johnson County GOP chair too?

  5. Iowa is decided already.
    Obama has a twelve poin lead in the state.
    Double of what he has in Ill. and equal to his lead in California.
    As a true conservative, I have to disagree with Krusty. It is because McCain is not a real conservative that we are not winning in Iowa. If Huck or Romney was at the top of the ticket, we would at least have a chance.

    I think McCain can win this election and we will lose our Republican party, but he will never win Iowa.

  6. Jordan,

    Sorry, but Iowa is far from "decided". If you're going to simply give up after you see ONE poll from the DSM Register--go find something else to do.

    Otherwise, quit moaning that Huck or Romney isn't the nominee. Whining is unattractive..get to work and help get candidates elected..46 days to go!

  7. Kathy P is not a former chair from Johnson.

    She's a former Linn GOP chair.

    GOP chair in Johnson right now is Bill Keettel..Todd Versteegh was chair before him.

  8. Gentry is one bad mutha.. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!September 19, 2008 at 7:50 AM

    I can't believe she tried to make McCain, Gentry Collins, Rants, Paulsen and the GOP look bad publicly yet again. All she has to do is get in front of a camera and say she is a republican to do that. Why does she have to speak for the rest of us too?

    She doesn't need to go away mad, she just needs to go away.

  9. Cedar

    Why you are exactly right!

    All Republicans should forget their values and call McCain a conservative and for that matter lets call Rudy a conservative and have Liebermann join our party. You know, why stop there lets get Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi too!

    Lets slap a big fat "R" before everybody's name and than worship the ground they walk on because it is an election year and that is what we are suppose to do.

    I dont buy it. I'd rather have a Liberal Democrat in office than a liberal Republican.

  10. Ah ha..

    So the truth comes out.. Another Obama junior staff weenie caught trolling the blogs again.

    If this is the best that you guys can do....all I can is is..How pathetic. :)

  11. The McCain/Palin rally was pulled off by local volunteers and on damn short notice.
    No one county did it all. Counties in the area came together, co-operated and co-ordinated. It should be an example to others.
    If want to accomplish something, look closer than Des Moines.

  12. How did Ms Potts make McCain look bad?