Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain heads back to Washington

John McCain is suspending his campaign, and going back to Washington D.C. to work on the legislation for the bailout plans. He also wants to postpone Friday’s debate to focus on America’s economic crisis.

This puts Obama in a difficult spot. McCain is calling for a bi-partisan solution, and urging Obama to join him, but as we all know, presidential candidates don’t like to follow another candidates lead.

Very interesting


  1. what is suspending one Friday evening of debate going to change about the financial crisis. Right now so much uncertainty and stress is coming from the fact that we don't know who the next president will be and are eager to hear their positions on this issue. If he wants to help he needs to be out there clearly explaining his positions to the country.

    I thought that both sides were already working in a bi-partisan manner on the issue. Seems like a poor political attempt to back Obama into a corner and to get out of debating, especially with only 40 odd days left.

  2. What Yoda said.

    It's about PRIORITIES!!! I cannot imagine how many 401Ks are at risk, or how many Sr Citizen's retirement nest egg's are at risk.

    This is serious stuff, and it says a great deal about Senator McCain that he would put the Country above the campaign.

    So check those stupid D talking points at the door.

    We need a solution. Not an alibi

  3. So if SENATOR Obama is conceding that the Senate can debate a vital issue like a financial bailout for Wall Street without his input, is it fair to conclude that he considers his input to be unimportant?

    After all, he's currently serving as one of two US Senators from Illinois. You'd think that the voters of the State of Illinois would like one of their representatives in the Senate to be at his post, looking out for their best interests, right?

  4. I know .......
    Let's just throw all the bastards out and start fresh !

    Nuff Said