Friday, September 12, 2008


For a while now I have been on record stating that Barack Obama will go down as the biggest flop ever to run for President. Just a few months ago it was inconceivable that John McCain would have any chance to win on November 4th. McCain lacked the support of the Republican base; he couldn’t raise the money needed, while Obama couldn’t do any wrong. Now it’s hard to see how Obama can turn things around, especially when you consider he’s not good debate settings.

For some people Obama’s fall is hard to comprehend. For us Iowan’s however, we saw an example of this in the 2006 election with the gubernatorial race between then presumptive Governor Jim Nussle, and Chet Culver. We know how that turned out.

It is said that the campaigns really start after Labor Day. In 2006 it was right after Labor Day when Jim Nussle spent at least 5 days explaining his position on abortion. It was a disaster, and his campaign was never able to recover. Culver stiffed armed Nussle in the debates, and the Nussle campaign got desperate and said that Chet Culver had secret plan to bring back touch play.

While it wasn’t as bad and Jim Ross Lightfoot’s totally nude dancing ads, it was an indication that campaign was on the wrong track. Neither Nussle or Lightfoot were able to capture Terrace Hill after being ordained the frontrunner in the early summer.

The same is happening with Obama. He is off message, his national convention didn’t do anything for him, and he’s going to struggle in the debates. He has spent days talking about Sarah Palin. Joe Biden recently asked a paraplegic state official to stand up to be recognized, and then stated that Hillary Clinton is probably more qualified to be VP than he is. Sure these things may seem minor, but they add up, and you simply cannot make mistakes in the final 60 days before an election because so many people are starting to pay attention.

Obama is even bad at his own events where he can drive the topics. The above electoral map gives McCain the White House, it’s from yesterday. McCain has Obama on the ropes, let’s do our part in helping deliver a knockout.

Almost forgot, Iowa-Iowa State Prediction: Clones 24 – Hawks 21

Hey, it’s not what I want, but it is their super bowl. They have pulled upsets against better Hawkeye teams…


  1. Krusty..

    Ye of such little faith..

    You're actually giving the Clone 24 points against the Iowa DLine monsters of Kroul and King?

    Iowa 35
    ISU 13

  2. Hmmm... Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side, for they have won the clone war before...

    Difficult to see the future is...

    Hmmm.... However I say....

    The Force will be with the Red Side of the Force tomorrow, of this I am certain...

    WAR Anyone who gets me into one of the luxury boxes for the game! Side note, I will reguire a booster seat....

  3. Krusty...

    Calling bullshit on this one. IOWA 42, iowa state 7...

    Let the Stanzi Era begin!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

    WAR a great rivalry!

  4. Stanzi? He'll be the next target of the "BOOOOOO"-bunch in the stands. Florida International was nothing more than a glorified scrimmage, and this game will be his first test against a REAL team, while ISU had to put away a scrappy Kent State last week.

    I thought during the Kent State game that their running back & QB would be the best that ISU would face in the month of September, and I see nothing from Iowa City that makes me change my mind.

    ISU 35, Iowa 17. WHO's "Soundoff" after the game will be EPIC, with multiple Hawk fans committing seppuku on-air.

  5. A Jedi Russ is, official it has become.....

    WAR The Cyclone State continues....

  6. Hey Lloyd, Take off that red and yellow striped tie because you're motherfu&%$n fired - Iowa 31 ISU 10

  7. Master Yoda..Have those years on Dagobah clouded your mind?

    Remember that the Clones turned on you after executing Order 66?

    Plus..can you really trust a Clone..I mean, they were copied from a bounty hunter! A wretched hive of scum and villany indeed!

  8. nerd alert...

    Just kidding! Go Hawks!

  9. I don't think Nussle ran a bad campaign. It wasn't great but he was a strong candidate and did most all of the things he needed to do to win. Sometimes the environment, the winds, just run against you. Would Nussle had better handled the issues you mentioned, I don't see him picking up the 10 points he lost by. He's certainly not the first candidate to lose to a lesser opponent. It was simply a bad year for Republicans and let's hope this year is much better.

  10. Its a Hawkeye State once again! We now own the last 3 of 5 and the overall series.

    If Notre Dame wins, and the Steelers crush the Browns, it will be a perfect weekend.

  11. Republican in WaterlooSeptember 14, 2008 at 11:26 AM

    F#$% Notre Dame, god I hate those pricks, they win less than half there games and yet they are on TV every single weekend!

    But Alas, it is a Hawkeye state once again.

    As for Politics, I got to plug my favorite page...

    Nussle was a horrible candidate, he lost his own congressional district and was thumped by over 10 points. Thats what you get when you put a RINO on the ticket...McCain could take heed of that also, in Iowa you are either a liberal or a conservative none of this Maverick bullshit.

    He'll win the Presidency, but ALL Iowa Republicans will suffer for his lack of conservative appeal

  12. Yeah..i'm sure you're a Republican there fella...

    Nothing like a little Obama junior staffer weenie trolling the blogs...

    Obama is no conservative..and if you try to say that he're going to get nuked

  13. Nussle was/is NOT a RINO.

    RINOs are definitely NOT Pro-Life.

  14. Krusty:

    I sure hope you're better at picking the winner of the Presidential election than you were picking the winner of the Iowa/Iowa State game !