Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cindy McCain kicks a$$

If you are like me, you probably think that Cindy McCain is a wealthy attractive older woman that you have nothing in common with. In describing her personality I wouldn’t use the word warm.

So last night I was flipping through the channels on the TV and stumbled on the show E:60 on ESPN. It’s a documentary type show and they had a segment on Cindy McCain. It was refreshing to see a different side of her life that I don’t think most people have seen before.

Cindy McCain is a car nut, and has a need for speed.

The story talks about her attraction to auto racing, and her love of “drifting,” a driving style developed in Japan a number of years ago. It is a passion she shares with one of her sons, and it was his gift of a driving school that she says saved her life after a serious stroke a few years ago.

The below clip runs about 9 mins, but it’s worth your time.

Consider this, Cindy McCain would be the only first lady trained in executive protection driving skills. How cool is that? I kind of want to see her race First Dude Todd Palin, another racer.



    Joe Biden questions Obama’s judgment
    By Michelle Malkin • September 10, 2008 05:58 PM He means it. “Frankly” and “sincerely.” We believe you, Joe:


    [MSNBC's] SEN. JOE BIDEN: Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. She is say close personal friend and qualified to be president of the United States of America. She is easily qualified to be vice president of the United States of America and quite frankly it might have been a better pick than me, but she is first-rate. I mean that sincerely.

    Yes, Joe Biden is questioning Barack Obama’s judgment out loud.

    The Palin effect. Savor it.



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    #101On September 10th, 2008 at 8:24 pm, travlinman said:
    If Biden is found shot 27 times in the head with a single shot, .44 Mag pistol in his ‘weak’ hand, sitting with a clean suicide note pinned to his back, in Ft. Marcy Park on a park bench with no blood on or around him, I think that Obama needs to “one-up” McCain and put a lesbian on the ticket. It might just be time for Oprah to “come out dat closet, girl”! Gayle could become the 1st, First Butch, since Eleanor Roosevelt.

    No matter what happens, I just can’t see Hillary on the ticket with Obama. I mean, Barack would be afraid to eat or drink anything on the campaign trail or at the White House if they won, and might succomb to his sudden onset of anorexia. His disorder would most likely be rooted in a fear of poisoning, not a fear of looking fat.

  2. LOL Wow..Gaffe-a-Minute Joe does it again.. :)