Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watch her rip... Dave Loebsack!

While not at the convention, another Republican candidate is feeling like taking on her Democrat opponent. Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks has released a TV ad, and scorching radio ad that basically says Dave Loebsack isn’t getting the job done when it comes to getting a flood relief package for the affected citizens on the 2nd District.

I think the TV ad is good and makes a great point that while it’s great that the federal government is sending in money to help get the government buildings, but when are they going to do anything for the people who lost their home, for the people who lost everything? I mean, in the words of Wally Horn, these are all good Democrats Congressman Loebsack, do something.

Miller-Meeks’ radio ad cuts deep. It cites that Linn County, and the city Cedar Rapids have hired a K Street lobbyist to help get flood relief. I just have one question, what in the hell is Dave Loebsack doing? Not only are the taxpayers of the district playing Loebsack 160k a year, they also had to go out and spend another 200k in hopes to get the flood relief they need.

To make matters worse, where does that leave the communities outside of Linn County, who probably can’t afford a Washington DC lobbyist to help them get flood relief? With already two hurricanes that have causes significant damage, and maybe more on the way, those who have seen their processions swept with the June floods, have to be nervous that they may be forgotten because Dave Loebsack and his Democrat collogues thought it was more important to take a 5 week vacation than pass a flood relief package.

If you want my honest opinion, I think the Dems want to stretch this out through the fall. Was it a coincidence that yesterday as Miller-Meeks goes on the attack, Loebsack and Harkin announce 77 million dollars to repair government buildings in Cedar Rapids?


Radio Ad


  1. can you just imagine, McCain/Palin and Miller-Meeks with a wrecking ball through DC?

    we just need to get them there!

  2. No, it DOESN'T seem to be a coincidence that Harkin/Loebsack announced that 77 million release for government buildings yesterday, just as MMM's new ads hit the air. I watched convention coverage last night in Iowa City with MMM and area GOP'ers. What a historic night--the energy in the room and from the convention was electric! We were also THRILLED to see MMM's new TV ad aired during CNN's prime-time coverage!! She is absolutely right--when will the people who really NEED $ to rebuild their lives get it? It's great to have $ to fix government buildings, but shouldn't we worry about the people camping/staying with friends/who have nothing left NOW? They can't exactly live in the rehabbed federal courthouse while they wait for their turn to get help!! The longer Congress waits to act on disaster relief, the more they'll forget about the devastation Iowans have endured this year (and the more other states will be clamoring for a piece of the pie)! Iowans are resilient and resourceful, but they also have LONG memories, and they won't forget the empty promises Loebsack and others have made them about "quick" flood relief. Loebsack should be running scared--Mariannette is not afraid to take him on, and she is even more energized with Palin's nomination (see the latest press release on her web site). McCain couldn't have made a better VP pick to boost interest in Mariannette's campaign! Let's all jump on this momentum, and push hard to send Mariannette to Washington--she will NOT sit on the sidelines when something needs to be done. She is ready to get to WORK FOR US!!!!