Monday, September 29, 2008

Pelosi is a moron!

I can’t tell you how stupid Nancy Pelosi must be. I spent most of my morning watching CSPAN, I saw Minority Leader Boehner, Roy Blunt, and Chairman Frank talk about the need for the United States Government to step in and do something to limit a further market collapse.

Then Speaker Pelosi had the following to say.

So what good does interjecting partisanship do for the American people? To me this sounds like a stump speech she should give tomorrow after the bill passed, not something you say on the floor of the House moments before a critical vote.

It shows an amazing lack of leadership and grace. Thank God for our Republican’s in Congress.


  1. Braley, Latham and King voted against the buy out, Loebsack and Boswell voted for it.

  2. I agree. She has sunk this from the beginning and tries to blame Republicans for everything. She needs replaced and fast! I am so tired of her whining and bitchy tone and lack of leadership. No one in America trusts our legislative leaders with this much of our money. Why should we? Where were they while they were supposed to be providing oversight? This whole thing makes me sick!

  3. This whole mess has it's roots in crooked Democrat politics. Think, Raines, Johnson, Frank, Obama, Clinton. This is nothing more than an expansion of the welfare system and it's crashing down and Democrats want to blame others and in fact continue to expand welfare.

  4. Pelosi is an idiot - but to blame her for the GOP not whipping together enough votes is stupid. Small businesses will remember this when they can't get any credit to make their next payroll.

  5. Bimbo Alert.........
    Bimbo Alert.........
    Bimbo Alert.............

  6. I think what's worse is for Pelosi to blame Republicans for her own inability to whip her own caucus into line. Now that's stupid.

  7. Yes she does need to be replaced. She was a bad pick from the start. Democrats will have the majority in Congress this next cycle and for the forseeable future, as Republicans stand to lose quite a few seats and are projected to finish with a 240-195.
    However, I believe that if we are to have a democrat we would do better with more of a Brad Ellsworth kinda guy.

    I really have to disagree with the conduct of some Republicans. To say that you voted against it because Pelosi hurt your feelings, is pretty childish. No matter how you feel, be careful of what you say because now it is plastered all over the morning news and you look like whinny toddlers.

  8. Princess Pelosi is more dangerous than yo-bama. To think she is third in line for the presidency is frightening. Frank, Dodd and the rest of the democrat thugs caused this problem by forcing lenders to loan money to every deadbeat who came through the door. This stimulus will onlt stimulate more welfare and more crime. I hope we take over the Congress and Senate in 2010, God willing.