Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Joe, respect your flag and PICK IT UP!


  1. "Joe, I really think you should stop beginning your speeches with fore score and seven years ago..." - Obamarosa

  2. And it might help Joe if you actually WROTE the speeches you give...I'm still very pissed at you..

    Neil Kinnock

  3. Good Find! lol

    There's a site called where they have blog and website banners with the html so you can copy and paste them onto your sites.

    They say they want to get 1 million endorsement banners onto the web by election day. This would be a great thing to do to promote John McCain.

    Check out the site and put one of their banners on your site.

  4. Theres also a site called

    Obama for America

    It is a good site for those who want real American leadership and not just finger pointing and amnesty (Juan McCain't)