Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Morning Update

I suspended my blog yesterday so that I could focus on the bailout for Wall Street, so I apologize for not posting yesterday.

VP Debate Tomorrow:

While Palin has turned in less than flattering interviews with Katie Couric in recent weeks, I expect her to be on point in tomorrow’s debate. She goes in being a huge underdog against Joe Biden, but I like our chances against the gaff machine. Plus he’s an arrogant a$$ and will have a difficult time not looking like a prick in front of the American people.

Oh, I also see that the debate moderator is writing a pro-Obama book. Nice pick debate commission. We have a real problem with the press in this country, no one wants to report; they only want to give their opinion, which makes them columnist, not reporters. Maybe we should just have Jim Lehrer moderate them all.

Wall Street Bail Out:

Man am I glad that sucker went down. I’m sick and tired of the talking heads in New York and Washington DC telling us that if we don’t give the financial industry a trillion bucks we are going to have a second great depression.

We need real solutions, not temporary fixes. This is the problem with publicly traded businesses, state governments, and our federal government. They are all cooking the books so at the end of the year things look pretty good and our ugly sins are out of sight from the American public. We need to be honest and upfront with the American people.

Five Worth Fighting For Update:

Jamie Johnson
who is running against State Rep. McKinley Bailey in HD 9 is out with a TV ad. Jamie is a great guy. If you recall I wrote about him this summer. Help this guy get elected.

Also if you want to know the truth about Rep. Bailey, like his support for a REC Center in Union Thug, House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy’s district CLICK HERE.


  1. Why is every House of Representatives commercial the same? Literally, they are exactly the same! Some are airing in the same media market and they look exactly the same. With the GOP headquarters as the backdrop, in every commericial. Weird.

  2. Thats what you get with VE

  3. It's because they are all dopplegangers for that hack Rants. We need some real leadership down there in Des Moines. Maybe Paulsen or Upmeyer would make better leaders for our permanent minority in the house...

  4. McKinley Bailey!
    You are trying to smear the most conservative Democrat in the House who is also a veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanastan for Jamie Johnson, who has no experience, except if you would count his experienced criminal record...

    Think Im bluffing? I would love for anyone to look a little deeper at this Jamie Johnson, scratch just below the surface, and you WILL find something you may not like

  5. And Bailey had experience when he ran? He was unemployed and living with his parents when he ran the first time.

    He's still unemployed now! That's great experience.

    Please spare us all of the "conservative democrat" garbage. He voted FOR the smoking ban before finally voting against it; FOR gay marriage; FOR almost $1 billion in new spending.

    The worst part is, he claims to be "patriotic" sending his pictures around IN uniform (a violation of the Joint Ethics Regulation), but then he votes AGAINST the pledge of allegiance in the classroom, and AGAINST the diplay of the American flag in the classroom.

    He crusaded against the war and the military when he got out....then all of a sudden he realized that he needed to be a military man to get elected. Then when he does get elected, he votes against our Flag AND our Pledge?!?!

    Please explain that to me.

  6. You want to dig into Jamie Johnson's record? Ha! Try taking a closer look at McKinley Bailey. He's apparently OK with letting his brother use meth in the home they share. A rep that condones drug use? Sickening.