Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sen. Wally Horn is only koncerned for Democrat Flood Victims

The Governor’s office has been hosting konference kalls every kouple of days, for Lt. Governor Patty Judge to update Legislators on the flood situation across the state. Yesterday Sen. Wally Horn interrupted Patty by screaming “These are good loyal Democrats, and they need our help.” He repeated that statement several time during the call, but only the first time did he interrupt the Lt. Governor to say it

Horn’s Senate District kovers the downtown and the area to the south of the Cedar River. I understand that this is a difficult time, heck yesterday we were all shocked to see a picture of a state trooper with his sidearm drawn and aimed at the occupant of a pickup. Apparently the man wanted to get his pets from his flood ravaged home. This is a time for people like Senator Horn to step up and provide leadership. Unfortunately it seems that Sen. Wally Horn isn’t up for the challenge.

I’m insulted when I hear “These are good loyal Democrats, and they need our help” from one of our elected officials.

Wally, I’m sure your district has a heavy Democrat advantage in voter registration, but I don’t care in they’re Democrats, Republicans, or Krazy Ron Pauk kooks, they all need our help and assistance.

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  1. Well, if the Governor is doing these updates..they should be a matter of public record. Recordings or transcripts of them should be available.

    Let's let the public hear what one of the Senate Democrat leaders thinks of all the Republicans, Independents, Greens and Libertarians that might be in Cedar Rapids.

    Apparently in the Senator's mind..if you're not a "good Democrat", you must not need the help...