Friday, June 6, 2008

Eichhorn threatens IPTV

Eichhorn threatens IPTV with court injunction to stop Iowa Press interview with Christopher Reed which is/was scheduled to take place late this afternoon. Eichhorn’s campaign alleges that the interview could unfairly influence votes at the GOP convention.

Mike Newell, the producer of Iowa Press said, “My point is that the election is over and that the results stand as is until the canvass is completed.” He also said that if the canvass shows Eichhorn the winner, he will be immediately invited for an Iowa Press taping.

Its going to be a long week before convention, and when/if Reed is the official nominee Eichhorn and his supporters need to make sure that there is unity behind our nominee. It is my fear that this will not happen. I wonder if it is legitimate to call for a recount before the canvass since it seems like that’s where we are headed anyway. Let’s make sure that on Father’s Day this is all behind us.

On a side note, could Jason Clayworth write a worse article in terms of structure? The Register should be embarrassed.

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