Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Five Worth Fighting For

I’ve been involved in plenty konversations about the state of the Republican Party here in Iowa. Sure, there are things that need changed, but in all of those konversations with various people I always walk away with the same thought, Republicans can win in November if they are disciplined and focused.

Under Democrat control the size of the state government has increased 20% in just the last two years. Democrats gutted Iowa’s voting laws, granted special rights to people based on sexual behavior, they raised taxes, increased fees, and wrestled away kontrol of Iowan’s schools, towns, and counties for locally elected officials and empowered bureaucrats in Des Moines. Folks that’s what they accomplished, just think what they would do if re-elected.

While some say think all is lost and want to burn down and rebuild RPI’s infrastructure with new leadership less than 6 months out of the November Elections, I choose to stand up and fight for the kandidates that have put their names on the ballot. I don’t care what the odds are, these kandidates deserve our support.

I have no idea what a little blog like this can do, but I’m writing today to challenge all of you arm-chair political operatives who like chime in on the state of things here in Iowa. It is time to put your money and talent where your mouth is.

Krusty’s Five Worth Fighting For

1. Danny Carroll HD 75- Danny was first elected to public office in 1984 as a member of the Poweshiek County Board of Supervisors. He served in that position for ten years and was then elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 1994. He held that office through 2006 when unfortunately he was defeated. Danny is running this year in the race for House District 75 in an attempt to reclaim the seat he lost in 2006

Danny was targeted by a gentleman named Tim Gill, a Colorado technology mogul, who’s main goal is to oppose traditional family values at the state and national levels. If you don’t think Mr. Gill will factor in this election cycle think again, he has already made a very sizeable contribution to the Iowa Democrat Party. Now making large personal contributions is now how he operates, he a bundler, he gets a bunch of his liberal pro-homosexual friends together to make contributions to candidates who are running against people who support traditional family values.

So if you’re a social conservative that doesn’t feel like they have a home with McCain, help Danny out by volunteering a day to help his campaign or if you can throw a little cash his way may making a contribution. Are you fine with letting Tim Gill, from Colorado, have more influence over a State House election than you? Take a stand, donate today.

If you want to mail a kontribution send it to:

The Carroll Committee
244 400th Ave
Grinnell, IA 50112

2. Ross Paustian HD 84 – Ross is a 5th generation crop and livestock farmer from Scott County. I think one might be surprised on how few farmers make up the Iowa General Assembly. Ross has served as President of the Scott County Farm Bureau and the Scott County Pork Producers.

HD 84 is rural Scott County where his background as a farmer should help him compared to his opponent who I heard actually lives in Des Moines and was a paid Obama staffer. Simply put I think the district would be better served by a farmer than a political operative.

You can kontribute to Ross’s kampaign by klicking here or you can mail a kontribution to:

Paistian for State House
22225 70th Avenue
Walcott, IA 52773

3. Renee Schulte HD 37 - Renee is an adjunct professor of psychology at Mount Mercy
College in Cedar Rapids. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in counseling and educational psychology from New Mexico State University.

Renee serves on several boards focused on helping women and families. She has also been a licensed foster parent and worked as a family therapist for Four Oaks. Renee is a member of the Professional Womens Network and operates her own Mary Kay business.

If Renee’s name sounds familiar it should, she ran for the State Senate in 2006. Renee is a tireless campaigner and a loyal Krustacean to boot. HD 37 was serverly damaged by the recent floods for our prayers go out to all the good folks over there.

You can kontribute to Renee’s kampaign by klicking here or you can mail a kontribution to:

Concerned Taxpayers for Renee Schulte
1734 Chestnut Lane NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

4. Scott Belt HD 100Scott is currently serving the people in HD 100 on the Council Bluffs City Council, a position that he has held for the last 10 years. To say that Scott is involved in his community would be an understatement. He serves on the MidAmerica Boy Scott Council board of directors, MICAH House homeless shelter board, SWI Family Services board, Iowa Western community College Alumni board, Chair of the United Way of the Midlands Campaign, and the Council Bluffs Parks and Recreation board.

It’s obvious that Scott has given a lot to his community, so let’s bring Scott’s leadership to the Iowa House. You kan kontribute to Scott’s kampaign by mail at the following address:

Committee to Elect Scott Belt
1447 Madison Ave
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

5. Carlin Hageman HD 19 – Carlin is a speech professor at UNI. He and his wife Elisabeth have lived in Cedar Falls for 26 years. Carlin has a doctorate in speech pathology and teaches in the Communications Sciences and Disorders department.

Much like HD 37, district 19 has also been struck with flooding, so our thoughts and prayers are sent to them as well. Black Hawk County has been fertile ground in electing new members to the Iowa House. Two years ago Tami Wiencek knocked off an entrenched incumbent Don Schultz. Carlin’s district has a much more favorable voter registration than Wiencek’s. You kan kontribute to Carlin’s kampaign by mail at the following address:

Hageman for State House
2931 Abraham Drive
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Now for me the math is pretty simple.

All 38 Republican House incumbents win. Most of these guys faced the toughest elections of their kareers in 2006 and survived. I think this is a pretty safe assumption, and before Kay, Dave, Mike start squawking about the huge voter registration advantage by the Democrats, I’ve looked at the numbers last month and there is nothing got these incumbents need to worry about as long as they work hard and stay out of trouble.

Add in 8 of the 9 Republican open seats, which the voter registration numbers also are favorable to Republicans.

Then knock off one Democrat open seat.

And then we need to beat 4 sitting Democrats to get to 51. I believe the 5 kandidates above represent our best chance, but there are additional kandidates with favorable districts that kould also swing our way.

I know this post is long, but there is a lot out there to fight for, and an awful lot on the line. So if your not talking about helping get folks like these elected, your not on my side, in fact you’re the enemy. I’m not about to sit through another 2 year span like we just did and watch my tax bill go through the roof, while kompanies like Winnebago klose plants because our business environment sucks and the kurrent leadership isn’t about to do anything about it.

Give your time, your talents, and what you can so that we can stop Chet Culver and his out-of-control liberal kronies.

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  1. What about convicted felon JOn Van Roekel?

    He's a good man to back for an easy pick up!