Monday, June 9, 2008

Sporer’s Battle Kry?

This weekend Polk Kounty GOP Chair and former State Central Kommittee member Ted Sporer wrote a post entitled Unity for real change in a time of real change, on his blog The Real Sporer. To say the least it’s a very interesting read, and I agree with many of the points he brings up. I think it’s an indicator as to the fireworks that will take place at the state konvention.

While as a blogger I love turmoil and heated conventions, but if I were a Republican kandidate for any office in this state, I would be pissed. The Republican state konvention should be a place where we unite behind our candidates as we enter the summer and fall. Unfortunately, it seems that this convention is instead going to air more dirty laundry and expose some of the inner battles taking place with in the Republican Party here in Iowa.

What I don’t understand is why the power struggle over who controls the State Party here in Iowa? To be honest it’s like a bunch of grade school kids arguing over a candy bar wrapper, it’s worthless.

I agree with Sporer that some major changes need to take place with the State Party, but we have elections to win. While some want to write things off right now, I doubt the state house guys want to throw in the towel. The same can be said for a few state senate races. While the majority might be out of reach, we need add some solid building blocks this year in that chamber. Also, as you know we have one kongressional race that could be very interesting between Loebsack and Dr. Miller-Meeks. What does a konvention filled with fireworks get these candidates? Nothing.

The first step in fixing the Republican Party in Iowa is to understand that its main problem can not be fixed by whoever is the Chair or Executive Director. The problem goes much deeper; in fact I would argue that the main problem is in its overall structure. That’s something that will be very difficult to fix there are some entities within the Party that will be very reluctant to make any changes. I have a few ideas; I would never claim that they are the right answers though. Maybe I’ll write about them in November, AFTER the elections as I think we all have to our best with what we have.


  1. I agree that we need to win. However, and I think the point that I was making reflects this problem, is that we cannot win with our current leadership structure and without dramatic changes in our message and methods.

    While merely changing the chairs and personalities at the SCC is not sufficient for victory, it is nonetheless a most necessary precondition.

    Your post accepts the need for change but denies the reality that is inherent in such change. Its like longing for victory in a war while firing plastic bullets.

    We have peacefully followed this leadership generation into disaster. Staying stick together as we go over the cliff is the lexicon of lemmings and I ain't no rodent.

  2. It isn't real change unless its real change.

    Newt Gingrich

  3. The leadership is worthless.