Friday, June 6, 2008

Latham v. Greenwald

It seems like our Liberal Democrat friends are excited about the Latham v. Greenwald race, so I thought I’d give Greenwald a quick glace today. On Tuesday, Greenwald captured over 50% of the vote in a 4 way primary.

My first impression is that her website is the most annoying thing I’ve ever klicked on. I don’t need the chimes every I open a new page. Look it was late last night when I visited the site and it scared the crap out of me. What else should you expect; Liberals are always loud and annoying.

Her website (yeah its so annoying I refuse to link to it) is very light on specifics when it comes to the issues she is running on. It should come to no surprise that she is opposed to No Child Left Behind, Wants to increase taxes on people who create jobs, wants to provide health care to every American, and is your classic Cut and Run Democrat in terms of a Pro-American foreign policy.

Greenwald has a tough battle ahead of her. It is obvious that the Dems have now realized that they can’t get King so they will focus their efforts on Latham. I think that is easier said than done. In 2006, you know that great year for Democrats, Latham broke 55%, which is something Boswell, Braley, or Loebsack were able to do. He is also sitting on a pile of cash. Now Braley and Loebsack were not incumbents in 2006, but Latham’s number is nothing to sneeze at.

I’m told that Latham is not taking this challenge lightly. He has a great kampaign team in place including my good friend Don McDowell. I’ll keep my eyes on this one. I’m sure Latham will have to do more than his Veteran ad from last cycle, but with the team he has in place, his big wins in ’04 and ’06, and the fact that he’s extremely likeable I’m confident of his reelection.

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    Ames, IA - Iowa Congressman Tom Latham's campaign committee reported the largest cash on hand balance in the committee's history in required federal election finance reports filed yesterday. Latham's campaign reported a solid $832,388 cash on hand for the close of the second quarter of the year. Latham's campaign also reported the most ever raised in a single quarter at a level of just over $243,000. This brings Latham for Congress' total raised for the current election to just over $1,002,000. The second quarter reporting period, which falls just over three months before Election Day, is considered a key measure by most political experts to measure and determine the overall strength, viability and health of a candidate's campaign.
    "There is a groundswell of support for Tom Latham, the numbers prove that," noted campaign manager Matt Hinch. "This is the strongest financial position the campaign has ever been in our history. We continue to see record fundraising and support for Tom Latham because Iowans know that he is working hard for them everyday."
    Becky Greenwald, the Democrat candidate in the race, reported a cash on hand balance of just $81,940 for the same reporting period. Not deducted from that amount is $16,806 reported by her campaign committee as a debt and obligation which would reduce her actual cash on hand to just over $65,000. According to federal reports filed her campaign, of the total raised since she began her campaign, $133,860, at least 26% was contributed by herself and her family members.