Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Krusty’s 2008 State House District 69 Voter Guide

This race has been the nastiest of any primary in the state, including the 2nd CD and US Senate race. Also, one must realize that Erik Helland has spent as much or more money than Teahen, Harder, Eichhorn, and Reed on his house race that those guys did on their respective kampaigns.

For me his one is easy. With Helland, we have a life-long Republican who is being supported by traditional Republican groups, and a guy who has worked to help elect Republicans. On the other hand, Al Lorenzen who recently was a Democrat, is supported by AFSCME and some big Democrat donors.

If that’s not enough, Lorenzen is also supported by outgoing Rep. Walt Tomenga. Tomenga was a disaster for Republicans. In his last re-election kampaign, he needed help winning his Republican district. Those resources could have been used elsewhere, and he never voted the way a Republican should have. His endorsement, koupled with the other two listed abovec is all I needed in making my decision.

In regards to Helland, this guy has been great and could be a future leader in the State House. That’s something we really need. Helland has my vote.

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