Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I’m Kurious, George

Are you going to call for a recount or not? Yesterday after the kanvass Christopher Reed, had 24,916 votes, Eichhorn had 24,392 votes and marathon kampaigner Steve Rathje of finished with 21,106 votes.

The question now is will Eichhorn call for a recount and prevent Reed from using the State Convention this Saturday to rally support for his campaign. Also of note I have received a handful of emails claiming that Christopher Reed is not on the agenda to speak at the state convention, I’m sure it’s a typo, especially if Eichhorn doesn’t ask for a recount.

While I respect that Eichhorn has every right to ask for the recount the best outcome that he kould get would be for it to go to konvention, another battle that he would lose. While Eichhorn had the endorsement of many current and former legislators, its klear that the konservative activist went to Reed, those are also the folks that attend konventions.

Krusty’s advice for the day: Eichhorn should hang’em up and encourage his supporters to rally behind Reed pre-konvention.

Krusty’s Ark

I bought some 2x4’s and started slapping it together, unlike Noah I’m not taking any liberals. Seriously, there are a lot of people who need help in dealing with the Iowa Floods, especially with more rain in the forecast today. Maybe it’s an elderly neighbor with water in the basement, or an entire community building a 2 mile long sandbag wall like the one built in Johnston yesterday. If you can, please help.

Flood Media Koverage

The kverage of the floods has been great. However I heard on the radio and saw a story on TV last night telling people they don’t need to stock up on bottled water because the Des Moines Water Works in fine. Shouldn’t we be supportive of people taking care of themselves and not depending on government? What’s the worse that could happen; they might end up with 6 cases of bottled water in the house. Oh the tragedy!


  1. Wondering I am, will there be Krusty hardhats this year?

    Also, a Krusty Ark you say?

    Hmmm... Like Dagobah things seem... Homesick I do feel...

  2. You can look at the tabloid on the State GOP website and it looks as if this oversight was indeed made.

  3. With conditions worsening in Des Moines..does it even make sense to hold the convention as scheduled?

    I'm sure the Des Moines public officials really dont want 2500 or so people coming downtown if the flooding is getting worse..

  4. Well, the Dems are holding their convention this weekend too...

  5. SO if the Dems are downtown too..thats what...5000 additional people downtown that I'm sure the DSM officials would rather not be there..

  6. Plus the 2,000 athletes and 3,000 spectators that come with the NCAA track and field championship. But you can't really reschedule it. Unless you want me to be the keynote speaker. Or maybe Yoda!