Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Inside sources say that both George Eichhorn and Peter Teahen are pressuring a recount of last night’s election results. Christopher Reed edged Eichhorn by 414 votes and Miller-Meeks edged out Peter Teahen by 109.

While I’m sure that both the Reed and Miller-Meeks kampaigns are turning their attention it is also imperative that they can devote 100% of their focus on building winning kampaigns for the general election.

I don’t really know what Eichhorn and Teahen are hoping to find out there. In 2006 recounts in the state legislative races of Danny Carroll, Jim Van Fossen and George Eichhorn did not find any significant change in the vote totals. Why this is a disadvantage to those who have won, it also tarnishes both Teahen and Eichhorn. I would hope this can be resolved in short order.

Winners and losers for tomorrow’s post. Send me your thoughts and I may include them in my analysis.


  1. Howdy internet neighbors!

    In the spirit of pointless recounts, I just wanted to add that I am calling for a recount of the dentists that prefer Crest. I'm not so sure about that 5th dentist failing to go along with his/her peers. I fear there may have been some shenanigans.

    Anywho, TTFN!

  2. Maybeee not: