Tuesday, June 24, 2008

King questions McClellan

Jane Norman has some interesting insight from the House Judiciary Kommittee in regards to the “tell all” book from Scott McClellan. She writes about the exchange between McClellan and Kongressman Steve King. Now I’m sure the liberals will take one of King’s questions and turn it on him like they always do, but King brings up an interesting point that I don’t think has been raised thus far in the McClellan debate.

"And what is your advice to your successor secretaries, White House press secretaries, as to how they should handle themselves, and how a president might want to handle them?" King asked McClellan.

"There's two parts to this question. What would you say to the succeeding secretaries on at what point they should step up and tell the world, in the middle of their job perhaps? And how will the president handle this from this point?

A great question, from a great Kongressman.

I believe McClellan’s book will have a huge impact on how future administrations deal with their spokes person. The White House Press Secretary’s job is already komplicated as to the amount of information the administration provides them as it is imperative that a person in a position like McClellan maintain some level of plausible deniability. I know Senator Obama would lead us to believe that everything in our government should be out in the open but that’s simply not practical.

I tend to agree with where King was going with his questions. Will future press secretaries be given information on a need to know basis? If a president is konstantly worried that the person kould quit and write a tell all book (for profit mind you), how does his administration deal with this person?

McClellan’s book is going to kreate a larger disconnect between government and the people its trying to serve and protect, and make him a few bucks.

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  1. There's a video of the Kingster questioning McClellan at this website: