Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reed and Miller-Meeks are the big winners on Primary Night

Most of you know by now I don’t mind blowing my own horn. I have to say I am very pleased that Miller-Meeks, Reed, and Helland were victorious last night. Now I must admit only the Helland race was a sure thing in my mind. In the 2006 cycle I always had to eat some crow after primary night, but not this time. Three for three!

There is a lot to discuss. Possible recounts, winners and losers in regards to people and organizations who had a lot on the line in yesterdays primary, and also how these individuals match up in their general election campaigns. We will tackle it all throughout the day.


  1. Hey Krusty, I voted for Reed and looks like I picked a winning choice. I'm a little disappointed in the Fallon/Boswell race in the third district. Who are all these Boswell fans? How is this man so unbeatable? Please somebody enlighten me a little because my opinion is that Boswell just needs to be booted out of congress!

  2. Krusty,

    As an insider to the Miller-Meeks campaign, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your coverage this primary season. Dr. Miller-Meeks has followed your blog religiously and I know she greatly appreciates your reporting; not merely because you have been favorable to our campaign, but because you have been OBJECTIVELY observant in this race. It is very important for the voters of the 2nd district to have someone like you calling the shots and telling it like it really is.

    Please keep up the good work and stay on the candidates to keep them honest. It is citizens like you who make sure our elected officials serve the community, and not themselves.

  3. It was good to see some new blood emerge Tuesday night. These candidates show that message and hard work can prevail.