Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There is one choice in CD 2: Miller-Meeks

This has been a krazy Republican primary. When I boil it all down, I’m looking for a kandidate who has konservative values and who has the best shot at winning in November. If you read this blog you probably already know that my choice is Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

As I mentioned earlier this morning, to defeat Congressman Dave Loebsack this fall we need to have a well rounded kandidate who can build a large koalition of people on many issues, not just the one issue.

Miller-Meeks is intelligent, hard-working, well-read, and most importantly qualified. Her life story is impressive. She came from nothing, but with hard work and determination she became a successful physician, that story also parallels with her kampaign for kongress. She didn’t expect anyone to give her anything instead; she just went out and worked for it.

People like David Yepsen always bemoan the fact that Iowa has never elected a woman to serve as governor or as a member of kongress. Do you know how many stories Yepsen has written about her kampaign? None. Heck, I don’t even think he has written about the 2nd district primary. People like Yepsen who want to see a woman break the glass ceiling here in Iowa need to realize that its not just going to happen, someone will eventually step up and fight for it and ultimately win it. Miller-Meeks has shown the drive and determination to do just that.

Miller-Meeks is also the only kandidate in the 2nd CD Primary who offers solutions to our nations problems. She speaks intelligently on Energy, Social Security Reform, Expanding the GI Bill, Reforming our Tax Kode, and fixing our so called “Health Care Crisis” without expanding government which would just make Health Care another huge entitlement program the American tax payers can not afford.

I think we all agree that the Republican Party is adrift. The problem however isn’t because we are not Pro-Life enough. It’s because our kandidates don’t provide solutions to problems. Republicans and konservatives must always provide solutions to the problems our county faces. What solutions have they offered lately? Miller-Meeks has stated she is Pro-Life and wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned, but she also is providing solutions to the other problems facing our nation as mentioned above.

I also firmly believe that only Miller-Meeks has what it takes to defeat Loebsack this fall. She’s been a nurse, doctor, Veteran, and teacher. Her life experiences make her a well rounded kandidate, but her knowledge and work ethic is what makes her the best kandidate for Republicans to run against Congressman Loebsack.


  1. Republican women make great leaders. We have a chance to vote for one today in the second congressional district primary. I did not waste this opportunity and neither should anyone else!

  2. Thanks Krusty.

    appreciate the vote of confidence in the candidate I support.

  3. Krusty,

    Mariannette Miller-Meeks just made history and all I can say is: