Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My final thoughts on Peter Teahen

I was going to post Peter Teahen’s dirty laundry one last time today, but it seems like someone with some YouTube skills beat me to it.

In 2006 Republicans lost seats in the United States House to moderate Pro-Gun, Pro-Life Democrats. It is now apparent that these types are just taking it one more step further and just running as Republicans. Al Lorenzen is endorsed by AFSCME and receives political kontributions from huge Democrat donors and recently was a registered Democrat. Peter Teahen actually gave money to Democrats, and switched his part registration to Republican just days before announcing his kandidacy for kongress as a Republican.

I don’t know how any Republican could feel good about voting for Teahen when you consider the following.

  • Worked for Congressman John Culver (Chet’s Dad)
  • Was a registered Democrat until December 2007.
  • Donated money to Democrat Mike Blouin in 2006
  • Donated money to Democrat Julie Thomas in 2002 when she ran against Leach.
  • Misleads people on his resume (His main piece of campaign litraturer)
  • Used the ads for his funeral home to build his name ID, which is a very serious FEC violation. Have you seen TV ads for funeral homes that end with “I’m (insert funeral director’s name) and I’m proud to be an American”? I don’t.

This guy has so much baggage he is not going to be able to build a winning kampaign is less than 6 months. He’s run a terrible kampaign based on one issue (abortion) and has not been able to raise any funds for this kampaign. This guy was the frontrunner and he squandered it. He’s not the guy you run against Dave Loebsack this fall. Loebsack and the Dems will eat if for breakfast.

On a side note: Does anyone else think its weird that in one race Victory Enterprises makes an ad like this, but then turns around and works for Teahen. I guess you just got to put food on the table…


  1. Oh my God that was funny!

    As Kim Lehman would say, "I put my cheerleading outfit on and started waving my pom pons"

    Give me a K!!!

    Give me an R!!!

    Give me a U!!!

    Give me an S!!!

    Give me a T!!!

    Give me a Y!!!


  2. Hidey-ho neighbors!

    My gosh, the dilley of a pickle that Mr. Teahen finds himself in seems to be much bigger than a breadbasket for sure.

  3. Add to everything --he is a cheat and should never be trusted with any mans wife