Thursday, August 28, 2008


Bill and Hillary Clinton have taken over the Democrat Convention in Denver; I think it’s safe to now call it the Democrat CLINTONvention.

Think about, for the days and weeks leading up to the convention all the news networks were speculating about Hillary’s speech and if her 18 million supporters would follow her lead and support Obama. Those questions overshadowed Day One of the convention when Jim Leach and Michelle Obama failed to say anything newsworthy in their speeches. On Day Two Hillary dominated, with three of the 4 days in the bag her speech is by far the best one given at the convention. One Day three Bill Clinton was the focus on what should have been Joe Biden’s night.

But nothing proved to me more that this is the CLINTONventon than when Hillary heroically came to the floor and made a motion that Obama be nominated by acclamation. The Obama campaign either has lost or given control of his convention to Hillary and Bill. Sure Chelsea, Hillary and Bill have all said the right things, but they have also made this convention all about them, not about Obama and his vision for the country. It’s not going to get any better either as Bill Clinton’s absence from Obama’s acceptance speech will draw plenty of chatter.

Speaking of tonight’s main event, I think the Obama campaign has forgotten that this is a free one hour television show. Inside the Pepsi Center Obama would have spoken in a controlled environment with a phenomenal back drop and perfect lighting and sound. Instead they opted for a 70,000 open seat arena that will have terrible sound and lighting. There is no doubt that the visual images from tonight’s speech will be awesome, but this is the night where Obama has to tell the American voters what he plans to do as President, not just have the biggest prep rally on the face of the earth. Plus you do realize that the McCain campaign will just use the sounds and images from tonight and plug them in to his series of celebrity ads. On that note, McCain’s ability to use Obama’s strength at drawing huge crowds and using it against him will be something for the history books when McCain pulls this off in November.

In other CLINTONvention news…

The Democrats (Bruce Braley, Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin) are now blaming President Bush for the lack of flood aid for Iowa. I find this interesting since it was Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats who voted to go on a 5 week vacation before passing a flood relief package. Heck, Durbin thinks it will be the end of September before they get it passed. How is that Bush’s fault? These people are pathetic, and how long will they continue to use the GWB Blame Card? Hey Nancy and Dick, your in Leadership positions its YOUR job to get things done.


  1. Any thoughts on who McCain will pick for VP?

  2. I'll put money down that its not Romney. Look for a dark horse.

  3. Hmmmm.... Klown funny money, accept we will not....

    Republic credits, all we honor....

  4. My bet is the Mitt, but I'm a Democrat so what the hell do I know.

  5. Tip heard this morning: McCain's announcement will be in Dayton, Ohio. That happens to be in Representative John Boehner's district.

  6. Russ from WintersetAugust 28, 2008 at 11:53 AM

    Over at the Ace of Spades HQ, they've gone out on a limb and decided that McCain will pick Apollo Creed to be his running mate.

    At this point, you might be asking yourself "Hey, didn't Apollo Creed DIE in Rocky IV?" Well, yeah, but at least he's not an Elmer Gantry wannabe like Huck or a slick operator like Mitt. Death is a small hurdle compared to what the other frontrunners have against them.

    (Seriously, I like the Boehner idea, but I'm thinking that the McCain campaign has done the unthinkable here - kept the lid on their VP selection. You'd think that they're planning Operation Overlord with the lack of substantial rumors out there.)

  7. If you one wants to read into the locations of the roll out, the Ohio stop could point to Rob Portman who would be a good choice IMO.

  8. Will McCain's VP steal Zesus thunder from his mile high Olympus?

  9. Lest we forget fellow Krusteaceans...

    Virtually everyone..(with the exception of G$), had written off McCain for dead in summer of 07...He had no organization..He didn't do the Straw Poll..

    He came back when no one else said he everyone thinks who the heck he's gonna pick for VP..

    Quite frankly..I believe he's gonna hit everyone upside the head with whom he picks...

    And from the sounds of it..everyone is coming to Dayton tomorrow..T-Paw, Huck, the Mitt,..they're all scheduled to be in Dayton tomorrow...

    I'll just throw one more name out there...Sarah Palin. You want to lock up alot of the PUMA's still sore over Hillary? Working mom Palin would be one hellva option...