Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is it going to be Sanford!?!

Iverson to do a live on-line chat next week:

I don't know about you, but with the hostility within the Republican Party of Iowa, I wonder if it's a wise move to have Iowa GOP Chair Stew Iverson on an online chat. For the love of god, I hope its moderated because, if not, I'm sure it will be a wild ride…

If you are bored, you can mess around with Iowa Dem Party Chairman Scott Brennan today at 1 p.m.

I wish I didn't know how many homes I own:

While I don't think it's the end of the world, the Dems and the liberal biased media struck back when McCain couldn't tell a reporter how many residences he has. Can it be that difficult to know?

Who's gonna be McCain's VP?

Well, Fox News has an article on the speaker line up, which gives some clues to who it's not going to be. The name at the end of the article is which Fox news speculates may be the guy is SC Governor Mark Sanford. Sanford would be an excellent pick and a guy I and many other conservatives would be excited about.


  1. Stupid liberals made me forget how many homes I own.

    Grampa Simpson

  2. New ad for "The One" series:

    After watching I just had to put "The Ten Commandments" tops in my Netflix que.

  3. Russ from WintersetAugust 21, 2008 at 2:39 PM

    I guess that he should know how many homes he owns, but since most of them probably came into the marriage with his rich wife, I think he can be forgiven for forgetting a house or two that they rarely visit. Besides, if owning multiple homes were a disqualification for the Presidency, why did John Kerry get the nomination in '04?

    No matter how many homes McCain & his wife own, there's one thing we do know for sure: Convicted Felon Tony Rezko didn't help them get a sweetheart deal on any of the purchases.

  4. Speaking of homes, wouldn't you think that Obams with all his wealth (especially from crooks) could afford to provide his half brother with a decent, very modest home--not a shack.

    He's a smoke-blowin, lying, Muzzie-lovin, Marxist-lovin, babykillin hypocrite.

  5. John McCain has Alzheimers. Quit picking on senile old men.

  6. So the truth comes out this morning.

    John McCain doesn't OWN any homes. But Cindy and several trusts she controls own 7 or 8, depending on which source you believe.

    If Mac had said he owns 7 or 8 homes, it would have been pointed out LOUDLY that he actually doesn't own any homes.

    If he had said he owns NO HOMES, it would have been pointed out that Cindy and the trusts own 7 or 8.

    Whatever the case, the McCains didn't need the assistance of a Robber Barron to purchase ANY of these homes.

  7. How do you explain Obama thinking there are 57 states in the United States?

  8. The leadership of the Iowa delegation to the RNC convention should think about the actions you have taken today.

    Between now and November 4th we elect Republicans.

    On the 5th of November you and your supporters will be hung in the court of public opinion like the traitorous bastards you are.

  9. I really think McCain made a big slip up. Its not the end of the world but his age is one of his big flaws (besides his liberal leanings). Not being able to answer a question like that is really going to come back and bite him. He has to get through three debates without making another slip up like this if he wants to get the presidency.

    Honestly, I could care less. McCain all the sudden is the standard bearer of the American conservative? The next Ronald Regan? That all makes me sick. I hope he sinks and loses in a landslide than we can get a real Republican in there, not the second coming of Bob Dole.