Friday, August 22, 2008

Fire up the Mitt Mobile?

Mark Halperin notes that two Republican sources say that McCain has settled on Mitt Romney to be his Vice President pick, but no offer has been extended.

There are plenty of advantages that Romney brings to the ticket, but most notably is his ability to raise money. Unlike any other potential candidate only Romney and Rudy Giuliani have a nation wide fundraising apparatus, but Romney’s network is probably more prone to not give unless he’s on the ticket. Rudy’s backers are probably pretty happy with McCain as the nominee.

Throughout the Republican caucuses and primaries, there has been a constant reminder of 1976. Many conservatives are not engaged in the McCain effort and believe that Republican’s nominated the wrong guy. Conservatives are looking to the convention to see who will give the Reagan 76 speech, would it be Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney.

If Romney is the VP nominee, he can not fill Reagan’s role in 1976 no matter how badly he wants too. Instead, the selection of Romney will draw interesting parallels to 1980, meaning Romney’s political future rests solely in John McCain’s hands. If McCain wins, he’s golden. If McCain loses, Romney’s done.

Romney is probably one of the safest picks for McCain. He has shown in his own campaign to be very skilled at staying on message, which is critical for any candidate, and he also brings connections to Michigan and the mountain west.

As for the conservatives they will still wait and see who gives the speech they have been waiting for. Both Jindal and Huckabee are sure to provide some of the best speeches of the Republican convention, but who will claim Reagan’s mantle? We just have to wait a few more weeks.


  1. Perfect pick, Mitt would be....

    As for Obama, Hope he picks Biden I do... "Clean and Articulate" as well Biden is....

    Hehehehehehe.... Jedi too can make funnies...

  2. Is Mitt's money even needed? Isn't McCain taking public financing?

    Isn't he limited to needing to spend only what he gets after the convention?

    If so, WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING JOHN MCCAIN. McCain/Romney would get slammed.

  3. Hate, to the Blue side of the force does it lead...

  4. Yoda needs to quit drinking the Romney kool-aid. Was Yoda one of Romney's paid "volunteers"?

    Willard was a big loser. Even with all his money, he couldn't win any of high-profile contests. He's a phoney, and the people most exposed to him (i.e. the Iowa and other early-state voters) knew it.

    I don't think Romney helps McCain at all, and only hurts him. McCain needs to pick a trustworthy, consistant conservative, not one who has donated to Planned Parenthood.

  5. Mitt would raise funds for the RNC.

    If correct my memory serves me...

  6. Steve, I thought you were the one railing a few weeks ago about anonymous posts. Would please find some topics other than Willard, Planned Parenthood and free infomercials for ICA?

  7. The pro-life crowd will NOT be happy with Willard..

    Obama and company will be jumping all over Mitt's flip flops like stink on Iowa State Cyclone shit.

    McCain's going to pick someone who can add solid conservative credentials the ticket. Unlike in past years..McCain has the foreign policy chops..what he needs is someone who can be the attack dog on the economy and other domestic issues...

    Someone like Sarah Palin, IMHO..would be a perfect choice for McCain..

  8. I really think Romney would be a bad choice. That pick would only hurt McCain more with the Christian Conservative crowd, who I think is more likely to base their vote on the VP than the hard core conservatives. I don't think he will bring in any swing voters either, mainly because he seems like a typical slimy politician and he's just too unlikeable to people who aren't big into politics. That, combined with his flip flopping give the Obama campaign way too much ammunition, as someone said in a previous post. Plus the whole fundraising argument doesn't really seem that appealing since he couldn't do anything with his money in the caucuses unless it was somewhere he already had deep roots. Long and short of it, I think that you could inaugurate Obama the day after McCain picks Romney, it would be suicide to his campaign.

  9. The leadership of the Iowa delegation to the RNC convention should think about the actions you have taken today.

    Between now and November 4th we elect Republicans.

    On the 5th of November you and your supporters will be hung in the court of public opinion like the traitorous bastards you are.

  10. I suppose all of you anonymous' would pick huck? Quit sipping the hater-aid and get behind this ticket! Make hundreds of calls each day for the party and more than 1/3 of the people I speak w want Mitt. Mitt and Mccain would be great.

  11. Wow, one-third?!? That's a huge consensus for Willard (not).

    We all know Romney's supporters are bought and paid for. The rest of us are over him.

  12. David Karwoski - Traitor
    Karl Gilbertson - Traitor
    John Hulsizer - Traitor
    Rose Kramer - Traitor
    David Chung - Traitor
    Lisa Smith - Traitor
    Jason Hutcheson - Traitor
    Steve Sheffler - Traitor
    Gopal Krishna - Traitor
    Eldon Pals - Traitor
    Ted Sporer - Traitor
    Loras Schulte - Traitor
    Ray Dearin - Traitor
    Larry Smith - Traitor
    Dorothy Schlitter - Traitor
    Bill Anderson - Traitor
    Susan Pellett - Traitor
    Reid Houser - Traitor
    David Raak - Traitor

  13. I really dislike McCain. Especially now that he is the nominee and has done a complete 180 from what he was like a year ago today, Lord only knows how he is going to act in a year from know, with a nearly 60% Democratic majority in both houses.

    Right now we cannot afford to have a president who cripples over to the liberal leanings of congress. Dont get me wrong Obama is a died in the wool liberal, who will attempt to wreck havoc in his two years with a majority, but for those of us who remember 1994, it wont last for long.

    I dont know if anyone he picks would sway conservatives like myself, but than again, I am an old man and would rather lose with the wrong guy than sell my conservative ideals for a hallow and pointless victory.

  14. Dear Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention,

    We have vacancies in our delegation.

    Rule No. 17 of the Republican Party (as adopted by the 2004 Republican National Convention)
    for the 2008 Republican National Convention permits the delegates to fill the vacancies.

    We propose the following names to fill vacancies:
    Gopal T.K. Krishna to fill the vacancy created by Morris Hurd, a At-Large Delegate.

    John Bloom to fill the vacancy created by Carmen Reitsma, a At-Large Alternate to Morris

    Paula Dierenfeld to fill the vacancy created by Larry Smith, a At-Large Alternate to Carmen
    Boal, a At-Large Delegate.

    Morris Hurd to fill the vacancy created by Scott Spray, a At-Large Alternate to Loras Schulte,
    a At-Large Delegate.

    All delegates are free to nominate any other person or persons to fill the vacancies. If you
    nominate any person to fill any vacancy, please make sure that that person will attend the 2008
    Republican National Convention and have a place to stay if that person is elected to fill the vacancy.

    If the majority of the delegates concur with the proposed names, it will be considered that the
    delegation agreed to fill the vacancies with the proposed names.

    If the majority of the delegates do no concur with the proposed names, we will conduct an
    election among all the nominees on August 28, 2008.

    Please reply to the above email address ( by stating that you either concur
    to fill the vacancies with the proposed names or with your nomination(s) before 1:00 P.M. on
    August 24, 2008.

    We will inform results of all responses to all of you on August 25, 2008.

    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    Steve Scheffler
    Chair of the Delegation

    David Roederer
    Co-Chair of the Delegation

  15. I don't think that Willard was a big loser. It's an opponents publicity. Romney said in his campaign that he is skilled for this vote and he knows better Michigan and the mountain west. But it's all depends upon the result.Who is the loser and who is the winner.

    John Philips

    Iowa Drug Addiction

  16. At this point, McCain can choose just about anyone and have a better ticket than what the RATS are stuck with.

    Just reading about the legal entanglements of Biden's son and brother. Google Hunter Biden. Yup, this is the kinda "change" Obama claimed he would change. Same old, same old corrupt Democrat party. They hope no one will bother to investigate.

  17. Isnt Joe Biden's son in Iraq?

  18. No, the Bush twins are in Iraq

  19. Than what is this?,2933,293533,00.html

  20. Captain Underoos would be a disastrous choice. Not that Captain Queeg isn't a disaster enough. Hopefully the Republicans get the thorough and brutal beating they so richly deserve the election. Maybe then they'll figure out what actually brought them to the party and leave Bush and McCain style of neoconservative in the dustbin of history where it belongs. Heck maybe I'll even start writing them checks again.

  21. Romney would be a good pick for McCain’s VP. The Christian Conservative nutcases would like that very much. This way they can sabotage the 08 election and get their boy Huckabee in place for 12. Perfect just like what the Vanderplatts faithful did to Nussle. Shit on the Republican Party as a whole so they can get their guy in at all cost. The Christian Conservative nutcases would rather have the country destroyed by Obama then allow a Mormon in the White House. Four more years of babies ripped out a mothers’ womb. Thank you Christian Conservative nutcases. The Anti-Christ Obama would like to thank you also.

  22. Anon, the only thing that sabotaged Nussle's campaign was Jim Nussle. Further, how much time did you personally spend in Nussle's office making calls and getting people to the polls? How much time have you personally spent making calls at the McCain Victory office? On a daily basis there are maybe 1 or 2 people in there so I’m willing to be that the answer to both of those questions is: None.

    Or are you just another one of those whiney people who think that values voters exist only to advance your desires and wishes? After all, shouldn’t they be grateful to give up their time to do the work that your too lazy to do? Try this anon, rather than trying to place blame on why we lose elections on others, get off your own lazy ass and start helping.