Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama-Biden, Dems head to Convention

Obama-Biden, Dems head to Convention

With each passing day I’m becoming more and more certain that my prediction that Barack Obama will be the biggest flop in history. This past weekend he tabbed Sen. Joe Biden as his Vice President nominee, and while Joe is great for a sound bite and can be a ferocious attack dog, his comments about Obama from the caucuses and primaries have already made their rounds in the media. Heck, the Biden pick has allowed McCain to blast out a very effective ad that show’s Biden in a debate saying that Obama’s not ready to lead, but praises John McCain.

I also found it interesting to see the liberal get all fired up when Biden said McCain was out of touch with the American people in his 7 dining room table jab. To be really honest, that’s really weak material for your first time out of the gate. The liberals are used to the “Bush lied people died” BS, and the best that Obama America and his team of writers could do was line about 7 dinning room tables?

I also question the timing of Obama’s selection. I know the Olympics were going on, and he was on vacation but ever since his European Vacation his campaign has been losing momentum. Sure we were speculation about who he would select, but his campaign failed to make any real news for weeks, allowing McCain (who has to empty his campaign reserves before Sept 4) to aggressively set the tone of the campaign.

I have to give credit where credit is due, John McCain and his staff are running an excellent campaign. Look at how he is handling his VP selection, which we are told will come on the heels of the Dem Convention. It’s brilliant. First, it allows the McCain’s team to rebuild momentum after the country is focused on Obama and the Dem convention, and secondly, but maybe more importantly, it doesn’t allow the Democrats to attack our VP pick at their convention, meaning they will have to spend their time and money in doing so.

In other convention news:

I hear that Governor Culver and a flood victim from Marion will address the convention about the devastating floods. I guess I’m not a big fan of politicizing a natural disaster, especially when the Democrats in the House and Senate decided to go on a 5 week vacation before passing a flood relief package.

I’ve also learned that Jim Leach is going to give a speech, err lecture to the Democrat convention. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am of Leach. It’s not that he’s openly supporting Obama; it’s that he’s killing a very good congressional candidate in Mariannette Miller-Meeks. She is ideal in her district, but Leach’s actions make it difficult for her to rebuild that Leach coalition.

And people say that it’s the right wing killing the party…

Speaking of the Party

It never freaking ends. I don’t know why on earth it is so darn important for Gopal Khrisha to be a national delegate. The dude got removed on the state convention floor and the ICA folks need to accept it. However before you all chime in with your ICA hate, there are many people to blame about the condition of Republican politics in this state. We can start with the major campaigns that have failed recently (Lightfoot, Ganske, Gross, and Nussle). If just one of those would have turned out differently we wouldn’t be in this position today.


  1. I agree that McCain's new staff are running a great campaign. Although I do think that says just as much about how utterly incompetent his former staff were at running a campaign. Yes, we in the GOP know their names and no we won't be needing their help anytime soon.

  2. I'll trade you two Leachs for one Leiberman.


  3. Hey Gopal... I don't know how much you paid Sheffler, but guess what what, you got voted out at convention... just fucking deal with it.

  4. Leach is doing this as the ultimate F YOU to McCain.. Leach and McCain geniunely do not like each other..

    Besides that..Leach is cutting his ties to Iowa..he's selling his home in Iowa..and moving out East..

    As for the Scheffler situation..there's some pretty serious questions that need to be asked..Scheffler's actions at best are highly suspect if not down right unethical and inappropriate...

  5. I think this is a great opportunity for Miller-Meeks, especially in the Linn county area. In 2006, people voted Leach out specifically for being too much like a Democrat. She should use his last gesture as proof of that and to show that she is a different candidate. People don't know her well here in Linn. She is only seen at Republican meetings and they are already voting for her. People in Linn want to know their candidate.

  6. The League of Women Voters is 'not interested' in holding a debate for the Lobsack/MMM race. That's going to make it even more difficult for the voters of Linn Co to get to know her.

    Exactly WHAT is Lobsack afraid of?

  7. The LINN county League of Women Voters actually said they would not hold a debate between MMM and the Sack?

  8. I just heard there has been some re-issuing of the slate and Gopal is not on it (again) this is so stupid.

    Personally, the Presidents of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women and the CRs and the lady that RAN the McCain Iowa caucus effort deserve any open seats, in addition to Leon.

    Veteran convention goers: Was there ever a time when the person who ran the nominee's Iowa campaign was NOT in the Iowa Delegation?

    this is just wrong in so many ways.


    and BTW 9:36 and 10:15 throwing around the F "bomb" does nothing to increase the strength of your message.

  9. GOPAL continues to suckle at the hairy teat of Steve the Destroyer Scheffler.

    I am looking forward to voting out EVERY member of the current State Central committee in my district in 2010.

    All of them need to be out and all of their hope for additional opportunities need to be destroyed. Destroyed.

    Scheffler, GOPAL, and the enablers at the State Central Committee need to be taken out and fully embarrassed for the way they have pushed our party into the tank.

  10. Problem is, at this point only bloggers and political types even know this is going on for the most part.

    need to dry up RPI's funding.

  11. do not think this was ever - or at least started as a anti-ICA thing- it was alwasy about two SCC members and the tactics they used to usurp power-
    At this point it is old news and Gopal fo rthe second time is being told he is not a Delegate-
    Now lets get on to the next 65 days of so and work to elect Republicans throughout this state. Trust me we have many months after that to point fingers if we fail, but as aof today we need to ALL work together to regain the State House, elect a GOP President and hopefully pic up at least 2 more seats in our national delegation. ISn't that the real mission of the Party?
    Andy Cable

  12. 11:24
    Going to a forum by the League is not the way for Linn county to get to know MMM. If you have ever been to a League forum, you would know that isn't helpful.

    Count yourself blessed you don't have to attend.

  13. No Republican non-incumbent has been elected to important state wide office since 1982. Remember Governor Terry?

    This was before the Republican Party of Iowa became the hand maiden of a religious cult.

    Back then, it was a sin to sit on the State Central Committee and take payig jobs with office seekers. Values certainly have decayed with time.

    First and foremost, elect Republicans this Fall. The time to clean house is coming.

  14. would think Northey and Vault might disagree- as would I - you seem to narrow it to two positions- Governor and Senator- we have held the Governors office 16 of those 26 years and of the combined 56 years of Senators we have held half- not sure this holds alot of water- basically you are saying we have lost the Govs job three straight elections and not beten
    Harkin. True and they have not beaten Grassley either. Nor did they Ray or Bransted