Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Obama Landslide or Biggest Flop Ever?

Why Obama Can’t Win

Here is your must read of the day. It’s written by Alex Castellanos (former Romney dude). It’s extremely well done and worth your time. Here is a little taste:

Despite the McCain campaign's effectiveness, however, the best campaign against Barack Obama is not being run by his opponent, but by Barack Obama. It is Obama's campaign that presents their candidate as an ever-changing work-in-progress. It is his own campaign that occludes our ability to know this man, depicting him as authentic as a pair of designer jeans.

David Brooks ponders where is the Obama Landslide?

Am I willing to bet the farm on John McCain? No, but the Obama honeymoon is over.

McCain: Lord of the Rings

McCain made a last minute $6 million dollar ad by for the Olympics, topping Obama’s $5 million dollar buy. Nice move by the McCain campaign.

Below is a new McCain ad:

Bush lied – People died

Well maybe not. The liberals in this country have used the fact that weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq as their rallying cry against President Bush. Well it looks like that argument doesn’t hold any water anymore since the Pentagon has recently stated that the US has successfully transferred over a million pounds of yellow cake uranium to Canada to be used in their Nuclear power plants.

Seems like a pretty big story that didn’t get much play in the states.


  1. Of course it didn't get any play in the states. If the mainstream media talked about this they would have to apologize for all the lies that they have helped spread over the last 8 years.

  2. He couldn't pull off the trifecta. This ad doesn't do anything for McCain. I think that it is more likely to turn off the base.