Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A couple of observations

Who stole Kay Henderson’s St. Johns shirt?

Kay Henderson is my favorite Iowa journalist. Maybe its because unlike her collogues she will get out on the road and do some good journalisim about politics in Iowa. I had to laugh yesterday because she apparently had a Krusty like moment. You know, you are looking for something on line and you get pissed off because you can’t find it.

Well yesterday she blogged about her frustrations with the Iowa congressional websites. Here post before was that Miller-Meeks is a Dave Ramsey fan. Kay seems a little spastic latley, which I find amusing.

Come on already…

Is anyone else frustrated about the extended courtship going on between McCain and Obama about their announcements of their running mates? The thing I find so frustrating is that when they finally do announce their choice they are going to be duds. Just tell me who the heck its going to be. Stop this I’m going to tell you soon that I’m going to tell you BS.

Krusty Prediction

John McCain will be the next President of the United States. I’ve said for a long time that Obama is going to go down as the biggest Presidential flop of all time. Guess what my Dem friends; he’s your Jim Ross Lightfoot. The candidate who’s supposed to crush his opponent, but gets killed himself. It’s going to be fun to watch. I can’t wait for more “um, er, ahhhh that’s above my pay grade” answers Obama in this falls debates.


  1. would have helped if Kay had done some basic research first before flapping her gums about her frustrations..

    The Miller-Meeks website looks perfectly fine..and Hartsuch and Loebsack all have easily found websites.

    Basic journalism..Guess they don't teach that anymore do they?

  2. How did those '06 picks work out for you?