Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More From Saddleback – NBC Shows True Colors

There is more fall-out from Saddleback. It’s pretty obvious that McCain did rather well and Obama was just sufficient (some pathetic answers and a few decent ones) in his performance at the mega-church a few days ago.

Almost immediately, the Obama campaign went into damage control mode, floating the idea that McCain could hear Obama’s portion of the program, and so, had an unfair advantage by knowing the questions ahead of time.

While this theory was completely unsubstantiated (and Rick Warren himself came out and said that it was completely untrue), NBC political correspondent Andrea Mitchell went on Meet the Press on Sunday and broadcast this unfounded rumor to millions without bothering to try to find any evidence of its truth.

The McCain campaign was understandably upset and fired off a letter to NBC News president
Steve Capus, pointing out the obvious bias going on.

Fox News pundits are constantly accusing NBC News of liberal bias, and I do think there is quite a bit there. My questions are: (aside from Keith Olberman, who has an unhealthy obsession with bashing conservatives) can you think of other examples of NBC News bias (from sources that are supposed to be unbiased)? Is NBC the worst culprit out there, or are there others just as bad or maybe even worse?

I think it would be great to point out the concrete examples of bias (like the Mitchell situation). So help a guy out. What examples of bias can you think of? Which news do you watch/ignore because of their biases?


  1. Hell..that's easy..

    MSNBC--Keith Olbermann practically has his lips wrapped around the butts of every liberal out there.

    Millions of TV sets switch from MSNBC when that show comes on every night..simply because he's such a pompous ass.

  2. My favorite example of media bias came from none other then Dan Rather of course.

    I remember it like it was yesterday. It was election night in 1994 and Dan was announcing the national results live on CBS.

    It went like this:

    (Rather) Well... it seems... that the GOP... has taken over the house of representatives.... :(


    The night and day change of his facial expressions and tone made me realize that media bias was as Bernard Goldberg would later say, "There is no vast left wing conspiracy in the media, its actually much much worse."

  3. Fox & Friends, Bill O, and Sean InSanity have have wrapped their lips tightly on the GOP machine.

    At least be honest about the bias at Fox News if you are going to bash MSNBC for bias.

  4. Anon 11:05...

    I guess people on Fox like Geraldo Rivera, Alan Combs, Juan Williams, etc..don't count?

    Fox is the only network where you actually hear both sides on a faily consistant basis.

    Olbermann spends an hour practically screaming about how evil conservatives are...

  5. The difference with conservatives on shows like Hannitty and Colmes and The O'Reilly factor is that those are opinion shows. They can go ahead and tell their opinions because that is what they are there to do. Of course Hannitty has a liberal co-host and O'Reilly doesn't sit there the whole show with a bunch of conservative guests agreeing with him. They debate and present both sides even if the host isn't presenting the liberal side. That is way more than can be said about any other network. How often do they have Republican strategists on the other networks?

  6. Russ from WintersetAugust 19, 2008 at 12:56 PM

    Hey Yoda, did you get that lightsaber from Mike Huckabee? I've never seen one that forms a cross before.

    I'd say that ALL of them are biased, but NBC is definitely the leader of the pack. CBS is still smarting over getting caught (and never forget that "getting caught" is all they think that they did wrong in that situation) lying about Bush's National Guard record in '04, so they're at least trying to appear impartial. ABC? I don't watch them very much, so I wouldn't know what they are, other than "pro-Disney Corporation".

    Fox is clearly the least biased of all the networks. They manage to piss off EVERYONE with the mix of talent they use on-air, which is a sign that you're probably doing it right. Their commenters tend to lean right, but I've noticed that their "pure news" as often as not tends to lean left. Anyone remember Shep Smith wandering around Nawlins' ranting about how Bush's incompetence was killing people? Yeah, that's the sign of a right wing network right there, pardner.

  7. Russ from WintersetAugust 19, 2008 at 1:00 PM

    If Andrea Mitchell is going to run unconfirmed reports about McCain cheating in the format of the Saddleback forum, I think that we should all note that Andrea Mitchell is a fictional character. She's actually Iggy Pop in drag.

    Can I prove it? No more than she can prove that McCain cheated on Saturday night.

    (I wish I could remember which blogger first suggested that AM is IP in drag so I could hat-tip them. It might have been Confederate Yankee or one of the other big boys, but I do remember that it was linked at Instapundit.)

  8. Bias on Fox....

    Fox and Friends lies to their viewers by stating Obama went to a madassa.

    And of course the "terrorist fist bump" episode on Fox.

    Admit it...bias is bias. No one is immune - even Fox

  9. Russ?

    "Hey Yoda, did you get that lightsaber from Mike Huckabee?"

    I was a Mitt guy.

  10. Russ from WintersetAugust 20, 2008 at 8:49 AM


    Joke you make or not joke you make. There is no try.

    (I know you were with MR, I just noticed the "cross" in your lightsaber.)