Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

I love Iowa and the changing of the seasons but I always hate the August heat and humidity. You can always count on it getting hot and nasty just in time for the Iowa State Fair. Speaking of the fair, my sources tell me that this year’s newest treat on a stick concoction is pineapple covered in funnel cake batter which is then deep fried. I’m not really into the weird stuff; I prefer the Beef Quarters, Port Produces, or the Iowa Sheep industry stand.

Speaking of food on a stick, some of my sources have reported that Bruce Rastetter of Hawkeye Renewables had is annual shindig at his home in north central Iowa. Apparently its quite impressive, special guests were Senator Grassley and former Ag Secretary, and US Senate candidate Mike Johanns. I would have thought my loyal Krustaceans could have provided me with some pictures or more detailed information about the event.

As I’ve written here before Rastetter is someone to keep an eye on in the 2010 gubernatorial race. While his connections to the grassroots of the party are weak, his connections to the power players in the state are second to none.

Rastetter isn’t the only one in my gubernatorial twelve pack who can throw an impressive party. Don DeWaay from West Des Moines had such a shindig last summer. Both Rastetter and DeWaay have brought on some very experienced political operatives in the past few years. The 2010 gubernatorial primary is going to be fun, especially if these two are in the mix.


  1. Bruce had quite a fireworks show at the end of the evening. The band, Indigo, was from Chicago. The food was excellent. There had to be at least 500 or more people at the event. This loyal krustacean did not see Grassley. Bill Northey and his lovely wife were in attendance. Christopher Reed was wandering around, looking lost. Dawn Pettingill seemed to enjoy the evening.

    All the food, beer, frozen drinks, open bar that you could possibly want.

    Rastetter Rocks!

  2. I too went to the Summer Party 2008 this past weekend.

    Besides the dignataries my fellow krustacean mentioned...

    Kristopher Rants
    Kraig Paulsen
    Nicole Schlinger
    Jill Latham