Monday, August 18, 2008

Showdown at Saddleback

With the State Fair, Olympics, Baseball, and school starting back up you may have overlooked the Showdown at Saddleback this weekend. Both John McCain and Senator Barack Obama attended the event hosted by Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life.

Mega Pastors like Warren and Joel Osteen get under my skin a bit. The Cross is no where to be found in Osteen’s coliseum, but there is a big globe. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their uplifting message, but sometimes it seems to me that they don’t confront immoral behavior, they instead ignore it and focus on God’s love. I believe that it’s good to be held accountable. I guess to me it would be like the State of Iowa not having an Auditor like Dave Vaudt, which means the Governor and Legislature could go around and tell people how great the state is financially when that is indeed not the case.

I have to admit I was really impressed with McCain on Saturday night. He was decisive, conservative, and showed that he is ready to lead. Obama on the other hand was tentative, when asked about abortion he said it was above his pay grade, and his answerers were that of a light weight if you ask me. When you run for President there is nothing that’s above your pay grade Senator Obama. Could a President Obama send in our troops to a deadly situation? Isn’t that above his pay grade?

Obama is nothing more than the cool High School jock who succeeds at everything. He’s got the good looks, he speaks well, gets good grades, dates the cheerleader, and was the Homecoming King. But just like in real life the Jock and Cheerleader don’t find the real world to be as easy to navigate as High School was. High School for Obama was his time as a State Senator and US Senator when he could vote present on a tough vote, you can’t pass the buck when you are the commander in chief.

As I said above McCain impressed me, but again shows how frustrating he can be. Last week he’s floating out the possibility of tabbing a Pro-Choice running mate, on Saturday he was the candidate I’ve been waiting to see, and in a week or two he will probably tell me that Joe Lieberman is his VP pick, which will force me to walk away all together.

McCain needs to follow up Sabbleback by picking a strong conservative Republican to be his VP.


  1. Krusty:

    Right as usual......

    Obama would make a great Home Coming King but a lousy class president !



  2. Obama's stunning remark that determining the point where life begins 'is above my payscale' will be the hottest topic of discussion on talk shows today.

  3. Great analogy, Krusty. As a member of the pep band, I know what happens to the King and Cheerleader.

  4. the pro-create at age 18, after birth she puts on a good 85 lbs, he drives truck if he's lucky why the pep band geek gets a degree, finds a great job, a smoking hot wife, and live the good life.

    The funny thing is the pep band geek has to pay increased taxes to support the King and Chreerleader because the democrats feel bad for them.

  5. Many people popular in high school go on to be successful in life. Sorry to bust your geekdom bubbles.

    Krusty, your comments are disappointing in so many ways. You show yourself as a smorgesboard Republican, with the walkaway comment. I don't know what your obssession with fire and brimstone is, but it doesn't sit well with many christians, that is why Osteen & Warren are so popular.

    McCain should pick the best person who can step in at a moments notice and lead. Being pro-life or pro-choice is only one small issue in judging who are president in waiting should be. I guess, I would be more interested in knowing if Joe Lieberman would commit or pledge to follow McCain's pledge to put strict constructionists on the Court. That is more relevant to the pro-life movement than the personal stand of a candidate for President. Wouldn't you agree?

    I agree with your comments on McCain's performance, he hit it out of the park.

  6. You want a strict constructionists on the Court, so do I, but I also want to make sure the guy in the White House and his VP are also strict constructionists.

    If not, its a gamble.

    I like Lieberman and if Johnny Mac wants him in his cabinet great, but don't expect me (a Republican) to work my ass off to elect McCain with the chance that Lieberman becomes President some way some how.

    Its like letting the fox sleep in the hen house, because he seems to nice.

  7. I have to disagree. I dont think we should annoint John McCain just yet.

    I still believe that he was our worst choice in the Republican Primaries and a year ago you would have agreed with me Krusty.

    Now because he is our nominee we are suppose to believe he has done a 180? And will stand up to a strong democratic majority in both houses?

    I dont know. I felt the same way in 1992 with the first Bush, I voted for Perot and Clinton won, I felt bad but 2 years later Clinton became a lame duck and we had prosperous times.

    I guess what Im saying is that you can slap a "Republican" label on anyone, but if they are not truly Conservative, they should expect to lose.

    PS if he chooses Libermann, I'll campaign for Barr... I'll be a maxed out donor too.

  8. If McCain was the "worst choice" during the primaries..then why is he here now..seems like to me he was the one the majority of Republicans chose as their nominee...

    That's neither here nor there now. Whatever you think of McCain..there is one thing thats for damned sure..even on the worst day..McCain would make a far more superior President than Obama.