Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Leach to endorse the Great Communicator Obama?

I must admit I’m a little surprised that former Congressman Jim Leach may be endorsing Barack Obama. I use the word “may” because while I have no doubt his wife would endorse Obama, people close to Leach say that he’s been adamant about not being involved politically. So this could just be a Deba Leach endorsement. I guess we should know soon.

So what does Congressman Leach’s endorsement mean? Not much. While he is very well respected in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport area, his endorsement doesn’t carry much weight unless he’s willing to make some appearances and work to get his former supporters to back Obama.

Speaking of Obama, do you ever wonder what would happen if his teleprompter went out in the middle of a speech? How would the great communicator do? Listen for your self.


  1. Regarding the potential endorsement of Obama by Jim Leach, you might as well compare how they think in eastern Iowa to the Vermont Republican party. This also explains why WMT in Cedar Rapids dropped Jan Mickelson's show.

  2. Here's links to the actual two NObama videos



  3. Unfortunately, a lot of people who really respected Leach out here in E. Iowa are going to lose that respect for him if he indeed endorses Obama.

  4. This was posted over at the Real Sporer

    fuck jim leach said...
    Jim Leach can suck my fucking dick


  5. Thats probly just a good voice over by the evil Republicans

  6. Yep, this is what happens when the Iowa GOP elect pro-choice GOP'ers. Their is little that keeps them seperate from the Dems. Nice going GOP. You are turning into a moderate party and when you do--you will no longer be Republicans--you'll be contributing to the socialist agenda by the Dems...and America will turn into Europe. Thanks Jim Leach--You just remind iowans not to vote for Moderate Republicans and I'm sure Stu Iverson is sweating right now. Steve Deace was right after all!!!

  7. I'm voting for Obama. The GOP has been taken over by the flat-earth and war-monger sects. I thought McCain might bring us around but he's been turned, too. Glad to see Leach remain independent.

  8. I am surprised by Leach's jumping into the Obama lair; I would have very much preferred that he stay neutral and that's what I expected.

    To say I am disapointed is an understatement.

    However, Leach fairly represented his consituency (CD1 then CD2) in a representative democracy during his terms in Congress, and that is no crime to God or man.

    If social conservatives struggle voting for representation like Leach, they would be better positioned to focus on changing hearts and minds in families and communities rather than using this turn of events as any type of validation.

    Leach voted R paths many, many more times than D paths and provided one more vote toward majority status.

    Compromise is a part of a functioning government.

  9. Leach probably likes the idea that Obama considers it appropriate to suck the brains out of babies that are in the process of being born. Obama even voted to make it legal to kill a baby that was born alive after an attempted abortion.

    This is the type of man that half of Iowans are willing to vote for for president. God have mercy on us.

  10. This is just a HUGE disappointment.

    When I stop to remember all the times I bit my tongue and didn't speakout against things he'd said and done, I could just scream.

    Party loyalty is suppose to work both ways. Obviously, this isn't the case with Jimbo.

  11. I dont blame Leach. The Republicans through him under the bus and now they are shocked that he supports Obama?

    Miller Meeks is now running as a new Jim Leach, someone who thinks he "is the best representatives the state of Iowa has ever seen", and someone who worked on his campaign last time. what is she going to do about this?