Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's Hope centered around his hate of McCain

The images from inside Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium last night was something for the history books. While many of us in the blogosphere took jabs at Obama’s stage, you have to admit that he met the exceedingly high expectations for his acceptance speech.

The introduction video was great, the delegates waiving American flags instead of signs was moving, and the piped in music made it seem like you were watching a documentary on the History Channel.

There was just one problem; the CLINTONvention organizers left the dirty work in attacking McCain to Obama. While the Clinton’s dominated the first 3 days of the convention, they didn’t go on the attack of John McCain. So last night, when the most people are watching, Obama had to unload on John McCain for the majority of his speech. Were Obama’s attacks on John McCain the “change we can believe in?” Did his attacks on John McCain give you “hope” or inspire you?

Now the delegates there ate it up, but it’s the people at home you are targeting in your acceptance speech. While I think Obama and his campaign did a good job in rallying his base with the convention, I think he did very little to reach out to independent voters.

So while Obama was ripping his opponent, John McCain was airing an ad that congratulated Obama, which in my mind was brilliant.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I see glimpses of Reagan in candidates from time to time. I’ve seen them on occasion with Mike Huckabee when he articulates why he’s pro-life, and I also see that Reagan twinkle in John McCain’s eye when he talks about his love for this country.

More on McCain’s Dark Horse VP Pick in a while. If it is Sarah Palin I’ll be thrilled.


  1. Palin will be a disaster in the VP debate with Biden.

  2. Palin will be fine on everything but foreign policy, the very issue the main name on the Dem ticket has no credibility in. People in glass houses had better not throw stones.

  3. Why do people keep saying Palin has no foreign policy experience. Good grief! She's a stone's throw from Russia and she's neighbor to Canada. I'm sure she's had to deal with them on a few occasions.

    I think she'll be able to hold her own with Biden. Biden has a way of borrowing quotes from others and attributing them to himself and the truth doesn't always come easy for him.

    Palin is a journalist by trade....I suspect she's got the whole plagarism thing down pat and she seems like a straight shooter.

    She's truly the scrappy kid from Alaska while Biden wants us to think he's the scrappy kid from Scranton.

    I think she'll do just fine.