Monday, August 4, 2008

Krusty Kasserole

Republican’s take Control of Congress

Well at least for an afternoon.

Last Friday afternoon House Republicans protested the Democrats decision to leave Washington for the five-week August recess without voting on a measure to open new land to domestic oil and gas exploration. I have to admit there have been very few times that I’ve been proud of our Republican’s in D.C. but Friday was one of those times I found myself searching for more information of their stand against the Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat controlled chamber.

Here is a good blow by blow.

You can read the re-cap here.

The Democrats offered change in 2006, but what did the American people really get? Why is it that majority party in American doesn’t want to offer any solutions that would help the American family?


While the economy is in the toilet, the state is seeing increase revenue from beer and liquor sales. Just wait till Culver and Co raise taxes on alcohol! Anyway some interesting numbers in the story. When averaged out Adult Iowans consumed 37.23 gallons of beer, 1.98 gallons of liquor, and 1.69 gallons of wine in the last 12 months. I think we can do better than that folks; lets all join our Blog Brother Grant at Flanagan’s and help get our state on better financial ground.


C’mon let get going McCain and Obama. We in the blogosphere need someone new to explore and critique… I do think that this is going to be the biggest let down in history for both sides. McCain has to pick a Veep who gives him a geographical and electoral advantage. I think Obama counters with the same, but the electoral math doesn’t force him to do so. Obama’s Veep will come from a state that Bush carried in 2000 and 2004, making McCain have to use his limited resources to keep the state red.


  1. 2 mentions in 2 posts in a row?

    That's krazy with a k!

    Tax on beer?!?!? What's next? New taxes on Stanhope Pork Burgers and Stanhope Locker beef jerky?

    Not to go all black helicopter on you Hershel, but I believe the government a targeting me specifically... What's after that? Diet Dew? Urgh...

  2. Somebody is drinking my SHARE of the booze.

    No mention of Diet Rite Cola?