Friday, August 8, 2008

Miller-Meeks drops the Hammer on Loebsack

“If he can’t find time to approve flood relief, he has the time to explain why”

Yesterday Miller-Meeks (3M, MMM or whatever the kool kids call her) challenged Loebsack to a series of debates, one in each of the 15 counties in the district. Kudos to her team for tying in Loebsack’s inability to get the Democrat controlled congress to pass a flood relief bill before adjourning for recess.

I’m sure Loebsack is going to do his best to ignore Miller-Meeks, in fact John Deeth has a post up mentioning that Loebsack isn’t even campaigning, let alone thinking about debating his opponent. Loebsack is in a difficult spot. On one hand it’s smart to spend the time talking to flood victims, but if he ends up using the flood and the victims as an excuse not to debate he’s going to look extremely bad.

Also he’s not an entrenched incumbent, so while King, Latham and Boswell can ignore their opponents to some extent, Loebsack will have to confront Miller-Meeks sooner or later. I also think it’s a good sign for Miller-Meeks that he isn’t out there working on his reelection. While I’m sure the many Dems will say it doesn’t matter, he’s and incumbent with a chunk of change in the bank, it’s never wise to sleep walk through a campaign. Just ask Leach and Lightfoot.

Now I’m never really a fan of getting campaign press releases, but Miller-Meeks puts out some nice ones. Earlier this week they dinged Loebsack by using Mike Gronstal’s comments about the inability of congress to pass a flood relief bill. The state on hold while congress is on recess, and Nancy Pelosi is on her book tour.

Speaking of Nancy, I wonder if she’s just going to visit each of the 2000 or so folks who bought her book?


  1. Miller-Meeks Rocks.

    As he's called in these quarters "the Sack" had his office robocall everyone in this county telling them "if you have flood concerns, come to this meeting to talk one-on-one with me and we will get help." Well, people showed up.

    And from what our paper says his input to these poor displaced people was, "I can't get involved with that it's not a federal issue". I read zero good press for him in this county at least from the local paper.

    I wonder if he completed his county visits with that response in mind.

    In the mean time, Miller-Meeks has been in 4 parades in this county and flying back from parking her daughter in College to attend another and our County Dinner.

    What ever we ask of her - she's there.

    I did read the FEC reports that MMM is behind in fund raising which begs the question - how do you ask for $ for campaigning when our two largest counties have been devistated by flood damage and many groups are asking for support.

    anyone that can afford a dime - please go to her website and donate! She's working hard and has money coming in but as you noted the Sack has a huge head start - I think it's sitting something like $720K to $140K raised... I'm hearing fund raising is picking up but there is a big need for a media push later which will cost $.

    Dr. Miller-Meeks could use any $ anyone can afford, we feel she has a real chance to send the Sack back to school. (he was a teacher)

  2. I always though The Sack was Vil, not Loeb.

  3. Drying Out in Iowa CityAugust 8, 2008 at 11:34 AM

    Vilsack..Loebsack..both worthless in my book.

    I dont know about you..but I read in the DSM Register about how Loebsack decided to "kick back" at Blues Fest in Cedar Rapids this past Saturday.

    Yeah..ol Dave was nice and comfy..kicked back in his lawn along..

    And in the meantime..People and communities across the 2nd District are having to sit and wait for Congress to pass comprehensive flood relief.

    Nice that you can find the time Dave to help people out...

  4. sorry, I guess I'm political pseudo name challenged.

  5. Who is Dave?

    You mean "Pacman" right?

  6. If Miller-Meeks can go to parades why can't Loebsack go to Bluesmore? Both are out at these events meeting people and being seen. Let's not throw stones. Oh I forgot that's what blogs are