Thursday, February 12, 2009

Democrat Legislator Busted for Drunk Driving

A freshman state lawmaker from Waterloo has been arrested for operating while intoxicated in Polk County. State Rep. Kerry Burt, a Democrat from Waterloo, was arrested Wednesday at 2:34 a.m. in Ankeny for operating while intoxicated, according to a police report obtained from the Ankeny Police Department. Burt, a native of Waterloo, also is a member of Waterloo Fire Rescue.

Voters elected Burt, 44, to his first term in the Iowa Legislature in November, when he defeated incumbent Republican Tami Wiencek. Burt also is known for his football career at the University of Iowa, where he was an All-American from 1983 to 1987, according to a biography on his campaign Web site.

Burt is expected to release a statement through a spokesman later today


  1. Burt was picked up at 3 a.m.

    What the heck was he doing out that late?

  2. The House Democrats usually all go out for a Kevin McCarthy led karaoke induced drunk fest on Wednesday evenings.

    Was he there?

  3. I stand corrected. Things could get worse.

    The Bay of Pigs

  4. And to think this guy is the VICE CHAIR of the Public Safety committee....

  5. Wow -- public safety.

  6. He was probably at the Landing Strip

  7. Yup, we Republican Assembly of God-ists never drink, swear, or chew, and never go out with girls that do.

    We also never acknowledge each other in the liquor dept at Hy-Vee.

    And we know nuttin about the Haggards and Larry Craigs of our Psrty.

  8. Looks like Bob Dvorsky found a protege!

    Good for him.

  9. My sources tell me he was at the Outer Limits Strip Club on NE 66th.

    good to have friends in low places...

  10. Paging Tami Weincek...paging Tami Weincek...

    A nice mailer with a picture of a beer can, a disshelved picture of Burt and a big statement that simply says:

    Drunk Driving Kills!

    Enough said...and we can end the pathetic public career of this reckless driver.

  11. Oh, thank God 1:40 left her Facebook page long enough to comment on Krusty's blog. I was beginning they were actually performing work today. Whew!


    That was hilarious 2:08

  13. Maybe he has hanging out with the State Senator who was caught "buying a good time wink wink nudge nudge" last year.

  14. was he at a mccarthy drunk fest?

    or was he just on his own drunk fest?

  15. You have to feel sorry for this jerk's wife and children.

  16. Why do we always have to feel sorry for people?

    His wife helped get elected...if he is too immature to make it in the big city by himself then maybe she should tell him to not seek re-election.


  17. I'm not sure we want to go down the road of being critical of men who go to Des Moines during session unsupervised. We have our share of politicos, lobbyists and Muscatine interest groups who could use a chaperone while the wives are back at home.

  18. I like loose women and good liquor!!!!!!February 12, 2009 at 8:14 PM

    Sounds like one big old orgy!!

  19. Might want to help me out on the Courier website with comments to create a little more buzz in Black Hawk County.

    Working on a decent candidate to run against Burt - too bad this didn't come a year from now.

  20. 8:08 -

    "Muscatine interest groups"


  21. The honorable thing for Mr. Burt to do would be to immediately resign and then fund a special election himself and run for reelection if he wants and let the chips fall where they may.

  22. 7:00PM, oh fer God's sake, what a naive idea. If we did that every time an elected politician, OF EVERY PARTY, committed some peccadillo that offended people of the other parties, we'd be having constant special elections and would never get legislative work accomplished.

    We need, every one of us here and all over the rest of Republican Iowa Blogdom tonight, to move past this and maybe worry and hope that one of our guys isn't next at getting caught swigging a bottle or fishing in another man's well.

  23. He broke the law while in office. This is a serious offense.

    I have a feeling you're really not part of Republican blogdom.

    Democrats don't pay taxes. They are not held accountable.

    Democrats advocate the breaking of immigration laws.

    How long are we supposed to look the other way when it comes to Democrat lawlessness.

    Can you image the outcry if this guy were a Republican? There would be calls for his immediate resignation.

    No one is naive enough to believe he's going to do the honorable thing, it's just that this would be the honorable thing to do.

  24. A stiff prick has no conscienceFebruary 14, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    I'll say it again, it sounds like one big orgy!

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