Friday, February 6, 2009

President Obama, the campaign is over…

If you watch the 10 o’clock news or nightline you have undoubtedly seen the ad by Americans United for Change which urges Senator Grassley to support Obama’s stimulus package and “reject the failed policies of the past.” Below is the ad:

I think the ads are well done, but I also think these ads show Obama’s arrogance. Yes President Obama, we know you won the election, but Grassley has also won an election or two, and if Obama thinks that 53% vote provides him a dictatorial mandate, then he should have more respect a Senator like who has been re-elected with 70%, 68%, 69%, and 66% in his last 4 campaigns.

I also think that it’s ironic that Obama lashed out last night at Republicans for being united is their opposition to the bill. Obama and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans for being partisan, but wasn’t it Obama who is playing partisan politics by attacking people like Grassley in his home state with TV ads rather than sitting down and talking with him? I don’t see the Republicans running anti-stimulus ads out there?

I also think it was a bad move for these ads to use Obama’s voice. I understand why they would think that’s a good idea, but now with the bill in doubt, Obama risks putting up a big loss on his record in the early days of his administration. And like I said above, using Obama’s voice shows the American people that it’s Obama who is using the partisan politics of that we are so used too.

Obama and his team need to realize that the campaign is over and it’s time to govern. His little temper tantrum last night about how the economic crisis was a little gift waiting for him is ridiculous. He ran for the job knowing what it entailed, and one could say that it was the economic crisis that lead to him winning in November. A majority of the American people thought Obama was best suited to deal with this crisis, now he needs to affirm they faith the American people have entrusted him with.

Lead or Go Home

I guess that’s my new motto…


  1. Obama is a fake, fraud and phony. His honeymoon was shorter than anyone could have envisioned.

    Charles Krauthammer totally exposes Obama in an article in today's Washington Post.

    It's worth researching.

    Like someone in the House said the other day, "This bill stinks. It's like a rotting corpse. The more it lays in the sunlight, the worse it smells."

    How about over four BILLION for ACORN? This is economic stimulus. Sounds more like a reward for delivering Democrats votes through voter fraud, if need be.

    I don't want one cent of my money going to reward Democrat special interests. This is only the beginning of the fraud in this bill. The Democrats own this boondoggle. When the economy gets worse, not better, it their fault.

  2. The idea of a President thinking the have the right to a mandate is nothing new. Both dems and reps have used, “I just won = mandate”. Same old politics, different spokesperson.

  3. its one thing saying you have a mandate, its another thing to create a PAC or 527 and target the people you said you would work with.

  4. I think Obama is wishing he could go back to South Chicago at this point.

    He looks pissed everytime he talks about policy and seems to have an inordinate amount of time on his hands for sit-down television interviews and reading books to school children because he needs to "get out of the White House." WHAT?

    He's out playing Messiah Rockstar while badgering the GOP for not rushing his worthless 'stimulus' package through.

    Camelot's in trouble.

  5. Peggy,

    I would be willing to bet Obama spends more time working his first year then 43 did his first year.

  6. Strap on the blinders, Patti!

  7. Yeah...great analysis...good points...doesn't matter because the ads work.

    Get out of our own ideological bubbles and imagine an impressionable independent hearing "support me, not the failed policies of the past." It's a great play that could have come out of the Little Red Book itself, and it will work...because more people are more stupid than I think us visitors here are willing to admit.

  8. Follow The Money...February 6, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    Has anyone asked about possible campaign finance/ethics problems with this ad campaign? Obviously, Obama isn't paying for these ads, yet he's the one speaking on the ad.

  9. I thought Obama promised to make all of our lives better. He is to pay my mortgage and put gas in my gas tank.

    Instead of giving me things like he promised, he's wanting to take away what I have.

    Never again will I believe any of these liars!!

  10. Its funny. Obama's supporters thought President Bush was stupid. The true irony is that its Obama's supporters themselves who were stupid. They elected a candidate solely on the fact that his speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention made them feel good.

    That's a hellofa concept. Vote for something that makes me feel good. In 2012, I pledge my vote in the Iowa Caucus and the General Election to a 10lb block of Hershey's chocolate.

    ...Its black, its sugary, it tastes good and it makes me feel happy when I’m sad ... And THATS a platform I can believe in.

  11. Now we know why rich Democrats always claim they're for raising taxes on "the rich".

    It's because they never intended to pay them. They're for Republicans to pay.

    Obama promised us "change". We got it. Almost every person this guy had nominated has a criminal past. They're all a bunch of crooks, including Hillary.

  12. Why is it that all the R governors think we need Obama's stimulus plan?

  13. Jeriann the Weather girlFebruary 6, 2009 at 9:25 PM

    RF he is wonderful. It is going to be 60 degrees tomorrow because of Barack.

  14. Why don't you answer my question, Jeriann?

  15. Because if money is going to be spent by the federal government, a Governor of any party would be doing his or her state a disservice by not trying to get some of the money. For instance, the Federal stimulus money has been paid in by 50 states, not just the ones that voted for Barack Usucka.

    If a governor from Texas doesn’t try to at least get Texas in line for some of Usucka's big payout (which is going to happen anyway) then his is effectively screwing over the taxpayers of Texas because all of their money will be spent in the Usucka states.

    It's stupid and the process stinks but as the minority, its a game our Governors have to play in order to look out for the best interests of their states.

  16. Come on Krusty - you can't be that stupid. It's not arrogance - it's a smart political strategy to try to parlay a winning election into driving an agenda. Obama's team is smart enough to start using some of that political clout to start pushing their agenda. Don't whine when the other team runs a better play than your team does.

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