Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jindal is more than a flash in the pan.

So there is a lot of chatter today about Bobby Jindal’s poor performance in delivering the response to Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress. In the comment section a fellow krustacean asked if Jindal’s presidential aspirations ended last night. The answer is absolutely not.

If we were to follow such logic, then Jindal would have been the undisputed 2012 nominee on Sunday when he turned in a stunning performance on Meet the Press. I know we always say it’s too early for these types of setbacks to matter, but that is the case with Jindal.

While his national introduction last night wasn’t very good, meaning he’s not the shiny new penny anymore, he has plenty of time to recover. Now, I know this isn’t widely known, but President Obama was defeated in congressional primary by a two to one margin in 2000. Was that the end of the road for him?

I like Jindal a lot. If he ran, he would probably be my guy. The problem he faces is the same one that George Pataki and Mitt Romney had. No, he’s not bad on the social issues, but he is up for re-election in 2011. So I think that if Jindal wants to run for President in 2012 he can’t run for re-election as governor 2011. Trust me, it would be almost impossible.

Now unlike Pataki and Romney, I think that if he does run for President in 2012 as a one term Governor, watch out. He’s going to be a fundraising machine, and the smartest guy in the race.

So did last night help him? Nope. Did it hurt him? Just a little blow to his ego, he will probably come out a better candidate because of it.


  1. Are any of the legislators or lobbyists aware of the hidden tax bomb with respect to unemployment benefits in the Porkulus package? It expands who is eligible and requires states to increase taxes on business to accommodate increased benes of unemployment.

    The smart govs have figured that out and won't take that part of the stimulus money because they don't want to permanently change their unemployment laws.

    The Fed money is a one time deal. The states are required to keep up the funding afterwards.

    Did the Big Lug figure this out and what is Iowa's position on this topic. How does this affect Iowa?

    It's a bait and switch that has nothing to do with stimulus and all about a return to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Liberal experiment that took us 30 years to get out from under when Newt took over.

    This is a potentially huge tax increase to our small business owners who also have been targeted for increased taxes if their small business makes more than $250,000.

    Is anyone on this?

  2. I'd bet more people watched Jindal last night than saw him on Meet the Press. First impressions can be pretty hard to overcome and he certainly didn't help himself out last night.
    That and he isn't helping himself by yelling "fiscally irresponsible" and then taking 97% of the porkulus money for his state. Palin doesn't seem to have any problem taking the government handout money either.

  3. Obammy said nothing beautifully, as usual. This empty suit has no emperor.

    Jindahl said something in a less beautiful fashion. Which one will you take? I'll take Jindahl, thank you.

  4. One thing's for's probably the end of the road for who ever wrote that speech for him. Jindal's still very much in the hunt.

    Jindal vs. Palin 2012
    Welcome to the THUNDERDOME!

  5. In my opinion, the 2012 election dynamic comes down to 2010.

    If the GOP has a strong 2010 mid-term like it did in 1994, then you will see your future stars like Jindall and Palin want the future to be now and a very impressive and deep field overall will be in play.

    If, however, the GOP doesn't have a particularly strong mid-term in 2010, then it's likely more established names whose career clocks are ticking like Huckabee or Romney will be the party nominee in 2012.

  6. I completely agree with Deace. If we do have a good 2010, watch out, our Pres. candidates will be unbelievable!

  7. Might be the first intelligent thing Deace has said...since...well...

  8. I like the analogy of Jindal=Kenneth the Page.

    And 2010 is going to be like 1994. Well, at least the GOP's ideas will be like 1994. This time voters are way too smart to fall for it, though.

  9. Uhm yup, the Contract on America.

  10. How soon some folks forget the devastating (or not) performance of some hillbilly governor at the 1988 Democratic Convention.

    Some folks thought it was the end of any national hopes he had...

  11. Jindal will run in 2016. He would be dumb to give up another term in office plus more experience. He is young so why not give it a few more years?


    Well, Jindal may not run in 2012, but at least he's a liar. A big fat conservative liar with his pants on fire and whatnot.

    The GOP is becoming a joke. Good luck, kiddos.

  13. I hate blogs that allow people to post under the moniker "anonymous."

    This one and TRS absolutely suck because of it.

  14. Well Peg ol girl, that's what makes bloggery so free-flowing. Ya either likes it or ya lumps it.

  15. Hey, I'm not saying everybody has to post under their full legal name (my first name IS Peggy, BTW) but anybody can post under 'anonymous' - my point is how do we know who the heck we're responding to?

    Pick a fake name and stick with it!

    Face it, there isn't one decent Republican blog in this state; this one has potential but the multitude of anonymous posters ruin it.

    We're getting crushed by the Dems in cyberspace.

  16. I will support John Cox for President.