Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama/Vilsack lash out against farmers, they would rather spend money on fat kids.

Our esteemed former Governor and current Secretary of Ag had this to say:

"If you had a dollar - one dollar - where would you put it?" Vilsack asked. "Would you give it to a child for more nutritious eating? Would you give it in a direct payment to a high-income (farm) operation?"

Tom, if I only had one dollar, I’d let the farmer keep it so he can keep producing the food that feeds the world, and the food that has become America’s greatest foreign policy asset.

Once again, liberals like Vilsack and Obama look at gross income and conclude whether or not a person is wealthy or not. They need to look at the net, ya know after they pay all the bills…

Once again, Sen. Grassley is the only adult in the room. "I'm a farmer, and I know that gross income or sales revenue does not reflect your ability to pay," he said. "Just because I sell a lot of corn doesn't mean that my input costs to grow that corn weren't even higher."



  1. Obammy is an economic idiot. He knows nothing. The markets know he knows nothing.

    They're tanking AGAIN today. Something must be done. At some point his flowery speech is not going to continue to fool the idiot voters who voted for him.

  2. This is getting serious. Obama, and the Democrats in Congress and the Democrats in Iowa are destroying the economy of the state and the nation.

    If 2010 isn't a banner year for Republicans then we know the government schools have done their job in dumbing down the electorate to where they have lost all ability to think.

  3. I don't know if voters have forgiven Republicans for the 8 disastrous years during George Bush nationally but I am getting the sense from talking some non-Republican friends in Iowa that while it may take some more time on a national level - people are paying attention to what is going on in Des Moines and the House and Senate Republicans have been doing a better job holding together.

    I am not prepared to predict what 2010 would look like nationally for us, but I think we could have a pretty good year in Iowa. Probably a handful of pickups in the Iowa Senate and maybe take the Iowa House (finally) and if we can be so lucky...God Help Us...Defeat Culver.

    My two cents on this cold Friday morning.

  4. I was listening to WMT on the way to work this AM where the R head of the AG committee complained that Vilsac was from Iowa where tillable soil was measured in feet and we get rain when we needed it...

    He continued that most farm states measure tillable soil in inches and pray for rain - each crop is more of a risk.

    He also complained that the Executive Branch was involved with elements that the Legislative Branch should be deciding. So much for a President usurping power.

    Inch by inch they are taking $ away from people who create jobs and feed this nation.

    I am not surprised this is happening but shocked by the speed and "audacity".

  5. Remember before the election when Obama was caught talking about social justice.

    He's got justice in mind and it involves destroying anything and everything that used to be considered the parts that made us the shining city on the hill. We are battered, tarnished and nearly broken.

    He's doing it on purpose and he intends for America to become Amerika.

    "Goddammmmmmm Amerika. The US of KKK Amerika." Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

  6. And he tried to tell us that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright didn't influence him.

    Yea right.

  7. I was raised on a farm and will always defend farmers. I also know that their gross income does not determine how much money they have because of all they need to spend to run the farm. I have a question, though. Aren't farm subsidies just another type of welfare? I know they are not supplying the farmers whole income, but how many could make it without this government help? Aren't Republicans being two-faced if they support this? (And no, I don't want the money to go to fat kids. I just have a question on the issue.)

  8. Of course farmers are being two faced about their welfare money. It's not fair to compare those welfare moms sitting around watching tv to those farmers sitting around the local restaurant drinking coffee 6 hours a day.

  9. Looking at farmer's net income is a fool's game. All the farmer has to do to reduce his net income is to buy another tractor, or get GPS for his tractor, or get it repainted, or , , ,or , , ,. Well, he'll think of something!