Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A pattern? I doubt it.

Liberal group attacks Rep. Mertz.

Unions attack Principal for being an ABI member and want Treasury to deny them TARP funds because they're member of a group that objects to the union agenda.

Seems like if they don't like what you say, they'd rather you just not say anything. It's Iowa's Fairness Doctrine.

It ain't fair, but well, it's their Doctrine.

So much for the wide open debate on the issues, change, openess, tolerance, and all that other crap Obama and his goons spread during the campaign.


  1. Did I not hear that the only lobbying for the first Union bill that was defeated were Union groups? ONLY?

  2. Let's do this right back to them

    Isn't McCarthy a little too close to the police union to serve as a leader in the legislature?

    How about the teachers that are serving. Perhaps they ought to recuse themselves on any vote involving the teachers union.

    How about the other occupations and their conflicts of interest?

    How about Gov Gangbang Gronstal having his wife and other family members on boards that get taxpayer money?

    Let's use their thug tactics against them and try to purge them.

    Turn about is fair play they say.

    I am laughing at their strategy. I suppose doing this to Mertz will make it much less likely that she will go along with them and may find it difficult to be a democrat.

    Ahh, the dummycrats. The finest mutually dependent collection of victims and bullies you'll ever find. Kind of like parasites and hosts for parasites.

  3. Rep. Todd Taylor works for AFSCME. That is about as in bed with the unions as one could possibly be.

  4. Senator Courtney (Majority Whip) serves as chair of the Labor & Business Relations Committee and is a member of UAW Local 807.

  5. How is that not pay for play? These legislators employed by unions should recuse themselves from any labor votes.

    And while we are at it. What do they actually do for the union?

    Taxpayers are paying for the salary of the local polk county union thug and paying for his office.

    That needs to stop. The taxpayer is adversary to the afscme union. The afscme union is labor, the taxpayer is management.

    I do not approve of paying his salary. Take his salary out of union dues if he's so freakin valuable.

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