Friday, February 13, 2009

Kevin McCarthy’s Night Court Comments Come True

Shenanigans? Details of Rep. Burt’s Arrest Blacked Out

It seems that the police report from Rep. Kerry Burt’s arrest is creating more questions than providing his constituents answers about what really happened early Wednesday morning. Even personal information that is typically released has been blacked out. Charlotte Eby has the story here.

In Eby’s story the Ankeny Police Captain said, “Let me put it to you like this, we took an accident report, but I cannot put Kerry Burt behind the wheel at the accident, OK?” So, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t specifically say that he was driving at the time of an accident. However, I can say that when our officers stopped Mr. Burt, that he was driving and we are – as a result of our investigation -- charging him with operating while under the influence of alcohol.”

I think people need a little more than the generic apology that Burt issued yesterday when he said, “I will work to assure that I never have a similar incident." Maybe he was still hung over, but that sentence doesn’t really make sense.

Another person I would like to hear from is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. You see back in October McCarthy was feeding the Des Moines Register court records of a few Republican candidates. In fact this is what he was quoted in the Register saying:

"If these candidates were elected to office, would not be a stretch that we would need to establish night court at the state Capitol, together with a bailiff and maybe bring in Jerry Springer to cover it."

Well since McCarthy’s golden boys got in trouble, he has some explaining to do. It is appropriate to hold McCarthy to the same high standard he was holding Republicans to back in October.

RIO Facebook Staffer Strikes Again

Facebook Rio staffer, Jacqui DiGiacinto, set up the visit where Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano didn’t actually tour any of the flood damaged communities, instead she watched a DVD. DiGiacinto’s Facebook status said that she was in Cedar Rapids preparing for the event 3 days before the event occurred.

Seriously, how some of these people still have job?


  1. Chet could have just sent a DVD through the mail, and the Secretary could have watched it in the comfort of her cushy DC office!

    It was obvious from the way she turned to The Big Lug that folks here in Iowa planned the “tour.” His bumbling reply only confirmed that the Governor’s office dropped the ball on this one.

    I never thought we would live to see a Governor more clueless about how to handle a disaster than Kathleen Blanco in Louisiana. Guess I was wrong.

  2. 9:55 sez - "I never thought we would live to see a Governor more clueless about how to handle a disaster than Kathleen Blanco in Louisiana. Guess I was wrong."

    Governors who're clueless about handling disasters perhaps get their inspirations from the president in office at the time.

  3. Krusty, that isn't the only information the Democrats deem too dangerous for us to have.

    Go to the House Appropriations website and try doing a search on the Stimulus bill.

    It has been saved as imaged files so you can't text search it. You'll have to read the entire 1070 pages to know where the money is going.

  4. Watch Congressman King take on "the mouse".

  5. "Linn County election officials have charged a dozen people with election misconduct. The County Auditor says it was discovered some convicted felons cast ballots last November. They're also looking into 46-bad addresses. Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro says these things are rare, but occasionally do happen..."
    Perhaps the 2nd district could use their well practiced pitchforks to go after the voter fraud that the democrats used to steal this and all other elections across the country.

    What will the Linn County Republicans do about this?

  6. You have to ask what the Linn Co GOP will do?

    Conklin will scream and make an ass out of him self like always. I'm so embarrased by him, I wich we could get a new Chairman.

  7. be careful. all those felons probably voted for brent oelson as their supervisor.

  8. Any case of voter fraud must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Enough is enough. Now the wacko, evil RATS have appropriated TWO BILLION DOLLARS to their criminal group ACORN whose only function is to create as many Democrat votes as possible.

  9. Do we know if the convicted felons were the demo thug type or the repub sex-offender type?

  10. Who would even know there was a problem in Linn County were it not for Chairman Conklin and the Linn County Republicans. Conklin raised hell on election night and the press got on it. It takes more than just prayer to make things better.


    Democrats have been running Des Moines County into the toilet for years. It has gotten so bad, they are thinking of charging inmates for toilet paper. The Democrats in Des Moines are doing the same to the whole state of Iowa. Would pay toilets in the State House make them clean up their mess and go home any quicker.

  12. 2:15: Probably not get them out of there but maybe giving them their whole pay package the first day of session might be incentive to get them out of there.

    They're dangerous. Now they want to give away Iowa's votes for president.

  13. What have the Linn County Republicans done about voting fraud in Linn County?

    It was a Linn County Republican activist who spotted and made public a man indicted for the theft of Brent and Renee Schulte's identity working with voters in the Democrat Linn County Auditor's Office. It was Chairman Conklin and Linn County Republicans who stayed on top of the recount process that gave Rep. Renee Schulte her less than a score victory.

    Scream like an ass, you bet. The Democrats and their lawyer did not dare try hanging chads of "intent" to steal that one. Conklin and others were looking over their shoulder and not afraid to scream like an ass if they did.

    Where was the Republican Party of Iowa in all this? Republicans in other districts need to sharpen their pitch forks. Gig democrats rather than Republicans who are deemed single issue impure.

    Volunteers in Linn County did much with their limited resources. When all was said and done, there were more Republican office holders in Linn County after the 2008 election than before.

  14. Helen Hunts BoyfriendFebruary 13, 2009 at 3:26 PM

    You Linn County people are all NUTS!!

    Kevin McCarthy.

    Kerry Burt.

    Chet Culver.

    The mess at RIO with Emily Hajek and her #1 fan and BFF Jacqui DiGiacinto.

    Focus on those incompetent boobs.

    Go sell crazy somewhere else, Linn County.

  15. Destroying the electoral college is a very very dangerous thing. Next: One party rule

    Moving the Census to the Clinton Gang's White House is a very dangerous thing. Next: One party rule

    Destroying our capitalist market based system is a very dangerous thing. First: Socialism Second: Communism with full blown dictatorship

    Creating a Director of National Health is a very dangerous thing. Next: Government sponsored euthanasia; rationing resources, people dying.

    Installing a "fairness" doctrine is very dangerous. No free press, no free speech. Next: Dictatorship.

    I always wonder why Tom Harkin loves Hugo and Castro so much. He believes they are right and their societies are uptopic.

    He's serious and he means it.

    They are all very dangerous to freedom.

    How do we stop them? First: Stop the gas tax.

    We are now the tarnished city on the hill rather than the shining city on the hill.

  16. As a Linn County Republican welcome to our Private Hell. There's nothing quite like the saying being 2 beers short of a Conklin or one of my other favorites we can't interview the Chair he is just to drunk to go on Camera. (night of Election) With this as our leader do you really think that he was a help with the election outcome? I think not. He only proved to embarass our party once more. The outcome of Renee Schulte's campaign had NOTHING to do with Jim Conklin. As far as the rest of the elected Republican's in Linn County they are smart enough to stay far far away from Conklin our local candidates got elected on their own merit in spite of Jim Conklin.

  17. My Own Private IdahoFebruary 13, 2009 at 4:24 PM

    Hey 4:08: grow some balls.

    Run against Conklin if he sucks and you are better. If not, shut up and move on.

    And in the mean time focus on the real bad guys. The other team on the field. The ones that raise our taxes. The ones that cheat to win elections. The ones that drive drunk with a chick lobbyist and bust a fender on I35 on his way to a romp in Ankeny.

    Get a clue.


  18. Sounds like elected Republican drunks' escapades in Scott County.

  19. Hey Emily
    I mean Jacqui
    I mean 4:49
    Get back to Facebook
    I mean RIO

  20. Whatever happened to U S Senator Roger Jepsen's credit card? There are some family values you just can't buy anymore.

  21. Good republicans, I am Jim Conklin, the Chair of Linn County. I was informed that Kusty’s followers were once again starting their false rumors about me. First, We here in Linn county are the reason that several of these felons were found, not all of them. I personally found and reported a foreign national that voted. We had other poll watchers that found many issues. Other examples of voter fraud are being worked and I am not at liberty to discuss those examples yet because investigations/prosecutions are still underway. Also, I was only part of a team that helped any and all of the candidates in this county. There were many, but I had the honor and responsibility of being a leader. Second, as the Chair of Linn County and a 2nd District Member, I have a responsibility to ensure that our three central committee members are representing us. Not simply acting as Des Moines’s special interest or Steve Scheffler’s henchmen. I was very proud that they represented the 2nd District when they voted for the removal of our National Committee Woman. I was equally pleased with the selection of the new RPI’s leadership. Nevertheless, I also feel that these two actions would not have happened if we in the second district had not been assertive with the entire RPI Central Committee! Finally, please take care to begin helping republicans to get elected in this state. Stop tearing people down. If you find the need to continue your negative and venomous behavior, you and your type will only continue to aid the opposition in their elections.

    As for the Linn County person accusing me of being, “just too drunk”. This is politics as usual for a person that signs as Anonymous. As for the Republican’s in Linn County, I hope you see that we have come a long way in these two years.

    Thank you, to the person that let me know these Kusty people were spreading mis-information again.


  22. Jim,

    Thanks for stopping by and I apologize for some of my readers who get out of hand. I appreciate your note and your willingness to focus on winning elections not tearing people down. I would hope you could listen to your own advise when it comes to Scheffler. He’s not going anywhere and neither are you, we must learn to get along. As you indicated, a house divided against itself cannot stand.


  23. Mr. Conklin: Thank you for what you're doing. It is time Republicans started taking voter fraud seriously and you have done more than anyone else. This is indeed very encouraging and keep up the good work.

    Now that Pelosi has given the ACORN thieves 2 billion dollars, your work will be even more difficult.

  24. Krusty - Kerry Burt is a Jack@$$. While campaigning in my neighborhood, I told him that I thought Tami Wiencek had done an honorable job representing those in our district and I would not vote for him if he paid me. He told me thanks for my time and if I did not vote for him "he ain't gonna be mad at me" that is a quote what an ASS! keep at it Krust

  25. Ryan, you'd rather that he would've gotten mad at you?

  26. Did anyone notice that Burt drive's a lexus!! What is the deal is this guy on the take also?

  27. And you wonder why the GOP can't win an election......

  28. Hey gang-
    Lets get that KCRG piece on Drudge today and on Rush on Monday. That is just too good. It needs to get out there. I just emailed several people about this at National Review. Hopefully they get it on their blog. If not many of you in Iowa need to do that. People need to know. Some of you know how to get that out there. You need to do that. KCRG just handed us a gift there.

  29. Hey Gang-
    Totally erotic.
    Utterly orgasmic.
    Rush'll get sticky on his mike.
    Ingraham's gonna hafta change drawers.
    We haven't had this much excitement since Bill Clinton got a bj.

  30. A stiff prick has no conscience!February 14, 2009 at 7:16 PM

    I'll say it one more time, it sounds like one big orgy!

  31. This sight had some class then the democrats found out about this sight.....and the decay continues

  32. At least those elitist Democrats are able to cite the difference between a site and sight.

  33. I'm amused that the dems don't have any response to this other than gutter humor. God forbid they admit Chet/RIO blew it.

  34. Hey, check out this new blog called Doctor's Notes. Go to

  35. The problem is democrats are arrogant and believe they have a right to do wrong. This has always been the great thing about democrats is they believe they are on the high road enough that they believe the ends justify the means and always get caught by this. Now it depends if Republicans have the balls to go after them. Ironic I never thought I could legitimatly say this... Democrats are Fat off of the government budget deficits and Lazy because they refuse to fix problems and throw money after them, and stupid because they keep doing the same things over and over again (Remember the mid 90's).