Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unbelievable: Dems Gone Wild

Rebuild Iowa or Carpet the Office?

A week ago the coffee shops were abuzz about the CEO of Merrill Lynch, John Thain, spending more than a million dollars to redecorate his office, including $131,000.00 for a rug. Well it seems like Iowa has its own John Thain; her name is Lt. Governor Patty Judge, and she spent $19,000.00 to carpet the Rebuild Iowa offices.

This is a ridiculous use of taxpayer money, like I said after Culver’s Condition of the State speech, I’m all for helping those affected by last year’s floods, but opposed to funding the bureaucracy he has created. State Representative Jeff Kaufmann also brought up an interesting tidbit in saying, "the lowest paid job in this new bureaucracy is $46,700”, and he went on to say there are people in the Rebuild Iowa Office making more than $100,000.00 a year. When Kaufmann asked who authorized spending $19,000 for carpet, Emily Hajek, Rebuild Iowa’s Chief of Staff said “the lieutenant governor wanted to put new carpeting in."

One legislator has pointed out that Emily Hajek earned $66k last year, but as COS of Rebuild Iowa she’s pulling in $121k. Not bad work in this economy if you can get it…

And people wonder why our state finances are a mess…

The Lottery Lease is Back!

I wonder if my friends over at Iowa Independent are going to continue to say that this is some conspiracy cooked up by Republicans… The Register has a story today about Sen. Gronstal and Speaker Murphy still pushing for this to happen. You all know where I stand. Don’t sell something that brings in around $60 million in to the general fund every year for some quick onetime money.

I find it ironic that this story comes on the heels of Terry Rich, the director of Blank Park Zoo being named the lottery’s director. I find that weird anyway…

The fight to keep our Right to Work Law

Some might think that the Democrats effort to scrap Iowa’s Right to Work Law is something new. Not at all, Democrats have been trying to overturn the law for years. Need proof? Check out the Mason City Globe Gazette from February 3rd 1959, ya know the Day the Music Died…

Lets do a quick review…

Sell the Lottery for some quick cash, around $200M,

Apply some lazy across the board budget cuts that will force local governments to increase property taxes.

Revoke Iowa’s Right to Work law, meaning union thugs can force local governments to hire more teachers or city/county workers, which means increased property taxes.

Show an emotional video in the Condition of the State speech demand the legislature to pass a flood relief bill 6 months late, and then use the money to pay former campaign staffers 6 figures, and spend 19k for some carpet.

For Republicans their slogan should be “Iowa, fields of Opportunity.” Yet many Iowa Republicans are willing to piss it all away by helping the Dems pass an increase to the state’s gas tax.

PLEASE, I’m begging you just say NO.


  1. Herschel, what makes you think there will be Republicans that will end up supporting the gas tax?

  2. have you not been reading 9:54?

  3. 10:31 - so do you and Krusty have no faith leadership to do some whipping and no faith in the people of Iowa do some influencing?

  4. The people of Iowa voted in these clowns. They have the government they want.

  5. No, I have no confidence in "leadership" whipping people into shape on the gas tax when Kraig Paulsen is advocating for it.

  6. You guys understand that the "leadership" and their clerks, caucus staff etc. all read blogs during session right? Its a fact and I hope they are starting to get a clue that we elect them not the trucking industry.

  7. You might elect them - but the trucking industry lines their pockets.

  8. i can't beleive people make so much. Am i in the wrong field or just in teh wrong "company".