Friday, February 20, 2009

Prevailing Wage Stuck at 50-46

Reps. McKinley Baily and Larry Marek both voted no, and left the building.

Voting Machine still open.

One vote short of passage.

Major blow to House Leadership.

Speaker Murphy will keep the voting machine open until Monday at 1 p.m. meaning he will have to sleep in the chamber.

Strong Arm tactics no match to the court of public opinion.


  1. No withholding Delores Mertz's medicine this time?

  2. Hey yo.

    Score another one for the good guys...

  3. McCarthy and Murphy look like idiots.

    A win for the taxpayer!

  4. Is there any precedent for leaving a vote open over a weekend? I've heard of a couple of hours, but, really, over a weekend? This is absolutely ridiculous and I hope people are watching and remember in 2010.

  5. Have they gone home?

    I've never heard of them holding vote open even overnight.

  6. woo hoo wippee kayee! The people have a fighting chance. Wow. I listened to the life feed. There is much congratulations to offer. Many heros spoke. I couldn't hear it all, but heard many leaders.

    Impressed with Tymeson, Hagenow, Horbach, Upmyer, a nurse - (sorry I cant remember the name).

    I hope this holds. This is a huge huge turning point.

    I was inspired after a long wilderness.

  7. House Rule 75 requires the Speaker to close the voting machine..unless the Speaker remains in the chamber. Murphy is still IN chambers.

    House GOPers have taken up "guard" posts in chambers tonight to insure that Murphy does not engage in any funny business to try to find the 51st vote at 4 in the morning tonight.

    Geri Huser was the lone Democrat who was absent from voting today. Huser is from Altoona..and you can rest assured that Murphy's cronies are tracking her down to drag her back to chambers.

    As for Marek and can rest assured that organized labor is FURIOUS with them right now and both of these two will be primaried next year.

  8. God Bless America!

    I feel emboldened!! I feel like Republicans are starting to act like Republicans again!

    Dear God - get me a beer...time to celebrate!

  9. Huser is a no vote - take that to the bank.

    The unions are going to kill pets.

    Unions are going to Bailey's parents' house right now to threaten them, cuz I guarantee ya he's not going home.

    Watch out - the disgusting, thug tactics have already begun. These guys are gangsters. They will cause harm. We must protect the Democrat no votes. God bless 'em.

  10. No - we don't need to protect them. We should thank them.

    If the gangstas mess 'em up a bit - maybe they will see the light and get the hell out.

    We shouldn't coddle them because they are the very people that sit in marginal districts that we need to kick the sh*t out of them next year.

    McKinley Bailey should fear the gangstas, he should fear the McCarthug and Murphgoon but I want him to fear the Republican Party MOST.

  11. Exactly..Bailey and Marek are both in marginal districts...and both can most certainly be defeated..especially if Murphy and McCarthy twist their arms enough to change their votes.

    You can bet that both Bailey and Marek's phones are getting burned up by calls from AFSCME and SEIU leaders..promising them tons of money for '10 if they go and change their vote. If they continue to refuse..then the arm twisting and even outright threats will begin.

  12. AW HELL YEA!!!!!!!!


    Call the Speaker and say shut er down


  13. Which Dems voted no?

  14. Murph isn't waiting for someone to switch his vote, he's waiting for the sun to come up so he doesn't end up in somones trunk. These union thugs have to be pissed.

  15. Thanks Krusty. And thanks to all members of the House that voted no.

  16. Murphy and McCarthy are effectively screwing the pooch here for any other labor legislation for the rest of the session here with this stunt tonight.

    Even if say Huser had come in chambers tonight and voted NO...all McCarthy or Murphy would had to have done was to switch to a NO and then immediately place a motion to reconsider out there.

    Then, all the arm twisting, cajoling, etc could have been done..and then later in the session in the dead of gets brought back up to a vote..and magically the votes are there.

    Instead, they look like a bunch of fools to the very special interest masters they promised to come through for...

  17. pat murphy looks like a total idiot in this entire thing

    so does mccarthy

    major screw up

    and murphy highlights the screwup by sitting in his chair all weekend while his union goons try and threaten larry marek and mckinley bailey

    how pathetic

  18. This is offensive to all taxpayers. Everyone needs to makes sure the left wing media reports this. Truly abuse of power. Who do these clowns think they are??!?!

  19. The GOP members ought to take turns Keeping Murphy up all weekend so he's worthless next week.

    what does this mean for the next three bills?

  20. Man I love a good Scott Hall reference... Nice work out of you 6:29pm...

  21. Freaking sweet.

    Love it.

    Even if they somehow corkscrew the 51st vote, it puts Culver in a heck of a spot, knowing that the amendment to exempt Linn and Johnson Counties could hurt his re-election bid if the bill gets signed.

    Here's to conservativism and its ensuing resurgence!!

    Is Murphy really in the House Chamber? I want to go in there tomorrow and throw an egg at him.


  22. perhaps they aren't idiots and on purpose had the vote occur this way so as to actually defeat the bill on purpose. Maybe they wre looking for a way out. Maybe they are really afraid of the union thugs. there is certainly some precendent for that. The intimidation they must have suffered at the hands of the unions must have been a bit frightening. One of those union thugs is a high school classmate of mine. I heard about their strategy and goals at my high school reunion.

    Perhaps there were enough good, but frightened, people on the D side that they figured out a way to defeat this horrible horrible horrible for Iowa union theft bill.

    maybe...maybe not.

    Right to work and the related laws that allow worker freedom always used to be something that ALL Iowans agreed upon.

    I'm heartened to know that some D's still feel that way.

  23. Way to go house republican.

    This is why you fight for what you believe in to the very end, you never know who might see the light.

    Have fun prolonging you're bad press into next week on this one Murphy.

  24. does the democrat passed anti-bullying legislation apply here? I love it that they are victimized by these union bullies. I guess they really are the victim party. They give in to bullies just like those poor little fat kids who give up their sandwich on the playground rather than fight.

    what the dumb stupid victim doesn't understand is that the bully is the second least powerless person in the room, second only to the victim himself.

    Usually, if you stand up to a bully, you win and the bully goes away to find someone less powerful to victimize. You may get a bloody nose, but the bully goes away if he can't win the harrassment game. His reward for bullying is to make the victim feel less powerful than they do. If he can't get that reward, he goes away.

    d's are generally a collection of victims and bullies.

    Interesting to observe it in the legislature.

  25. oops. should have reviewed before posting. The bully is the second least powerFUL person or second most powerLESS person.

    sorry about that.

  26. The Ds in the Iowa Legislature are willing to sacrifice jobs and the viability of their state's economy just for some more campaign contributions and to remain in political power.

    These Ds care not one twit about their state and their neighbors. They are in the process of destroying our economy and causing more business to leave the state.

    Hopefully, eventually enough voters will wake up to realize the danger of today's Democrat party.

    They're also destroying the national economy in DC.


  27. Philosophes and jokes are only zingers when the teller gets the punch line right, not to mention properly spells and grammatizes.

  28. Having never met Nick Wagner but only hearing him speak on the floor as I sat in my office listening to the debate, I have to say that I am impressed with him.

    He sounds like a good debater and maybe a rising star for our party.

  29. Just heard from Washington County -- there is a larry marek forum and the parking lot is filled with cars that have illinois plates.

    Labor goons

  30. Murphgoons and McCarthugs or just "labor goons"?

  31. Have Art Stead and Mark Davitt voted yet?

  32. 11:09 - You just made my day! Hilarious and genuis all wrapped into one krusty lil komment!

  33. Are these Union Thugs really as bad as you say they are? How do you know?

  34. They're actually WORSE. Just ask Pettengill's nearly-killed dog.

    Doesn't get more thug life than that.

  35. These monsters nearly killed Pettengill's dog?

    If so, these are a ruthless bunch. Remember Linda Tripp's cat?

    If they can't win by cheating, arm twisting, they'll harm your pets. Cowards!!!

  36. Unpatriotic anti-American, Godless heathens, immoral hedonists, intellectually elitist, philandering liars, cowardly girliemen, perverted filthy savages.